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Police officer will run against Rep. Ilhan Omar in 2020 election

One of the most controversial members ever to sit in Congress will face an opponent in the 2020 election. Democrat freshman representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, is being described  by Minneapolis police officer, and now Congressional candidate, Chris Kelley as “absentee landlord.” Kelly made the comments Thursday.

Kelley, a 27-year veteran of the U.S. Army and Army Reserves and 20-year veteran of the Minneapolis Police Department, ran as a Republican in a 2016 Senate bid, but after failing to gain the party’s endorsement, he is running as an independent in 2020.

Kelley stated that even the Somali community has had it with Omar, saying that, “just everybody else I come in contact with patrolling the streets every day, Minnesotans have not been satisfied with the job she’s done to represent the state since she was elected in 2018.”

Police officer Chris Kelley. Submitted Photo.

Kelly said that voters who originally supported her because of her immigrant story have soured on her extremist brand of politics. Omar has made dozens of anti-Semitic remarks.

“She’s traveling the world. She’s fighting the president on Twitter. She’s not doing anything in the district. And, I can say firsthand, the homelessness, the opioid problems, and other issues aren’t improving,” said Kelley, who announced an independent bid for the seat earlier this year.

The decorated veteran explained that although Democrats say Omar won in a “landslide,” only 37 percent of the population voted. He said 2020 is “going to be a totally different animal.”

“You’re going to have a lot of people coming out, and I think we have an excellent chance of coming out on top,” he told the co-hosts.


The controversy surrounding Thursday’s Trump 2020 election rally at the Target Center has put Omar’s candidacy under a microscope, as she continues to receive blows from the president. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Fey found himself under heavy criticism for preventing the city’s police officers to  be photographed with the president, issuing a rule they could not wear their police uniforms even while on duty during the rally. He also attempted to charge the Trump campaign over $500,000 for security while the city only charged the Obama campaign $20,000 in 2012.

“Both [Mayor Jacob Frey] and Ilhan Omar are speaking against the president coming here today and I think that will embolden certain groups to come out and to try and cause problems,” Kelley explained.

He tweeted that the actions of the two Democratic representatives are putting officers in danger by “weaponizing citizen safety for political reasons.”

Kelley continued: “The citizens do not deserve a disruptive environment. Or, the attendees do not. they should be able to come and enjoy the rally, and come and go without being hindered by anybody. So, it’s a concern.”

An internal Democratic Party survey polling voter sentiment in crucial swing states over the summer revealed that Omar and another controversial Congressional member. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), are extremely unpopular and could cost Democrats both their House majority and the presidency in 2020.