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A Turkish lawmaker collapsed after proclaiming Allah would punish Israel. He died two days later. photo: video

Pro-Hamas Turkish leader who collapsed after warning Israel of ‘Allah’s wrath,’ has died

Turkish lawmakers may think twice before making speeches denouncing Israel.  Social media users are responding with “Don’t mess with God’s people, Israel” after one lawmaker died.

Hasan Bitmez, 53, collapsed and fell to the ground this week after proclaiming during a speech at the General Assembly of the Turkish Parliament that Israel won’t be able to “escape the wrath of God.” He died 36 hours later.

“Even if history remains silent, the truth will not remain silent,” the Felicity Party member said.  “They think that if they get rid of us, there will be no problem. However, if you get rid of us, you will not be able to escape the torment of conscience. Even if you escape the torment of history, you will not be able to escape the wrath of God. You will not escape the wrath of Allah.”

As soon as these comments were uttered, the lawmaker reportedly fainted and fell to the floor, suffering what some media members identified as a heart attack. Bitmez’s head hit the floor as other members of Parliament flooded to his side to intervene. He reportedly required CPR on site and has since been in serious condition. Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said the lawmaker’s situation is “extremely critical and serious.”

Before Hamas attacked Israel, Turkey was working on warming ties. However, according to “The Times of Israel,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is now once again harshly critiquing Israel. Erdogan specifically has condemned Israel’s response to Hamas, accusing the nation of war crimes.

“Beyond being a war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is the butcher of Gaza right now, will be tried as the butcher of Gaza,” Erdogan recently said. “Those who try to skip over the deaths of all those innocent people by using the excuse of Hamas have nothing left to say to humanity.”

–Alan Goforth | MV

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