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Pro-life Missourians gather at the nation's capitol for the 2024 National March for Life. Photo: MRL

Proposed Missouri pro-abortion constitutional amendment falls short in poll

Efforts by pro-life groups to educate Missourians about a pro-abortion amendment to the state constitution may be paying off.

A new poll reveals the amendment to enshrine unlimited abortion up to birth in the state constitution is supported by just 44 percent–shy of the majority needed to pass.  Thirty-seven percent oppose. The results of the poll by St. Louis University and YouGov contain good news for pro-lifers who are in an information war with the amendments proponents.

The survey comes as paid pro-abortion forces are crossing the state to collect signatures to put it on the ballot using what Missouri Right to Life (MRL) says is deceptive language and is running a “Decline to Sign” effort to counter it.

The amendment backers are describing it as something that will protect women’s health and “reproductive health care.”

“This initiative petition will put in the Missouri constitution a ‘right’ to dangerous late-term abortions with taxpayer money without parental consent for minors and without the oversight of health agencies to protect the health of Missouri women,” according to MRL.
Those signature gatherers need to get a certain number of signatures from six out of eight congressional districts to put this deceptive and extreme anti-life measure on the November 2024 ballot.

Click here for a printable Decline to Sign flyer

MRL is leading other pro-life groups across the state in the “Decline to Sign” effort to educate voters. Once the facts of the amendment are explained, voters who initially supported the measure change their minds.

The poll was used in both Michigan and Ohio where it was surprisingly accurate. Between August 2022 and November 2022, 15 separate statewide polls were conducted in Michigan on Proposal 3, which placed legal abortion in the state constitution. Average support for Proposal 3 in these 15 polls was 57 percent,-which was nearly identical to support for Proposal 3 on Election Day. Similarly, the average of eight statewide polls in Ohio accurately predicted support for Issue 1 in November 2023.

If Missouri’s poll is accurate, the pro-abortion effort will fail.

A body of political science research shows that ballot propositions usually lose support as Election Day draws near. This has not necessarily been the case with recent abortion ballot propositions. That said, polling data have also shown that abortion ballot propositions have failed to gain support over the course of the campaign. Next door, in Kansas, a pro-life amendment failed after millions was spent by outside groups to defeat it. That vote came less than two months after Roe was overturned, outraging pro-abortion activists.

Abortion as a wedge issue may have lost some steam in Missouri, almost two years after Roe was overturned.

“Overall, the fact that Missouri’s proposed abortion ballot question is polling below 50 percent is good news for pro-lifers,” the story said. “It is further evidence that pro-lifers can win statewide direct-democracy campaigns in red states. Pro-life activists at both the national and state level should take note.”

Respondents who identified as Democrats voiced overwhelming support for such a ballot measure (71 percent support vs. 11 percent opposition), while Republican respondents indicated that they would not support it, though by a slimmer margin of difference (24 percent support vs. 56 percent opposition).

After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, Missouri’s Republican-led Legislature moved to ban almost all abortions. Only abortions in cases deemed “medical emergencies” are legal in Missouri now.

Susan Klein, executive director of Missouri Right to Life, says it has stood for life for 50 years helping pass pro-life legislation and protecting women and babies. “We work hard to protect innocent lives through our work in education and legislation and our MRL PAC works hard to ensure the truth is told in our election work,” she told Metro Voice.  “We must all stand for truth and keep Missouri pro-life.”

Abortion amendment proponents have made false claims concerning abortion in Missouri. Here are just a few and a response to each:

  • Abortion proponents claim the amendment is needed because ectopic and miscarriage procedures are illegal. In reality, Missouri law as a “life of the mother” exception and those two procedures are not considered abortion.
  • Abortion proponents claim the amendment does not allow late-term abortion. In fact, if a “right” to abortion is created, it takes away any limitations up until birth.
  • The amendment says it “protects” women but in reality, it denies women the right to legal action against an abortionist for malpractice.
  • Abortion proponents say the amendment leaves in tact parental rights. In actuality, it would allow the dangerous practice of abortion to be performed on minors without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

As public events ramp up during spring, pro-abortion signature continue to stand outside public venues. MRL askes the pro-life public to report such signature gatherers by calling 417-413-4134.

–Dwight Widaman


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