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Retailers downgrade Mother’s Day, allow customers to ‘opt out’

Nothing could be more wholesome than Mother’s Day, which will be on May 14 this year.

However, DoorDash, Pandora, Kay Jewelers and several other companies have sent out preemptive e-mail blasts to their customers, giving them the option to opt out of any sort of Mother’s Day branded e-mails or promotions.

“What can be a wonderful time for some can be a difficult time for others,” jewelry brand Pandora wrote in an April email to customers. “We completely understand if you’d prefer to opt out. Simply let us know below and don’t worry — you’ll still receive all our other updates. Love, Pandora.”

Included in the opt-out onslaught is Levi’s, which notably ousted its brand president last year for her stance opposing COVID school closures to protect kids from harm. Their message read in part, “So Mother’s Day is just around the corner and before we start bombarding you with mom-related content we just wanted to check in first. We know motherhood and all the associated feelings, emotions and memories can be tricky–and even triggering for some people. The last thing we want to do is hit you with celebratory ‘yay mom’ energy that doesn’t match up with your vibe.”

These corporate actions are being criticized by many leading conservatives “Brands are bending over backwards to let customers to ‘opt out’ of Mother’s Day,” radio host Charlie Kirk tweeted. “Can we opt out of Pride Month spam too?”

“Why is our culture so hateful of motherhood?” pro-life activist Lila Rose asked.

Former Trump aide Stephen Miller said, “The left’s war on womanhood, motherhood and childhood continues to gather force.”

Critics worry so called ‘trigger warnings’ could make society weaker, pointing to articles like one published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science in 2020, which suggests “trigger warnings fail to help and may even harm.”

As for Mother’s Day itself, there appears to be no sign of a slowdown, Last year the National Retail Federation reported Americans planned to spend $31.7 billion on the holiday, up more $3.6 billion from 2021.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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