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Sen. Josh Hawley’s new book outlines threats from big tech

“The Tyranny of Big Tech” is the book that corporate monopolies don’t want you to read, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley recently told CBN News

In his new book, (at end of article) Hawley lays out frightening facts about the data Big Tech giants have amassed on users and what he believes Washington needs to do about it. Hawley hopes it brings renewed attention to the negative impacts of Big Tech, from monitoring young children to influencing worldwide elections.

“For me, this really started as a parent,” he said. “These companies were following around the kids online and building profiles of them, so that really led to me getting interested in this.”

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As Missouri attorney general at the time, Hawley led the charge by filing anti-trust investigations against both Facebook and Google, which he says has expanded to include similar suits in all 50 states.

“I think at the end of the day, monopoly power is always bad for liberty,” Hawley said.

“Monopoly power is bad for free speech, and these companies have unprecedented power over speech, over our lives, and we’ve got to reclaim that power for us as individuals and as families.”

Now a U.S. senator, Hawley is fighting Big Tech on a federal level. “I think from a political point of view, we have to break up these companies,” he said.

Laying out the case in his new book, Hawley exposes his alarming discoveries and points to why he believes Big Tech companies are influencing millions of voters worldwide.
“I think they absolutely are swaying votes,” he said.

“The Tyranny of Big Tech” sold 20,900 print books in its first week, according to NPD BookScan data, landing on the “New York Times” bestseller. Regnery published it after Simon & Schuster dropped the book over his objections to the presidential election results.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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