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“Someone Like You,” is first movie based on Kingsbury novel

“Someone Like You,” the first major movie based on a book by bestselling author Karen Kingsbury, is scheduled to be released in theaters on April 2. “We’re excited about it,” Kingsbury says. “It’s groundbreaking.”

The film will tell the story of young architect Dawson Gage, who loses his best friend in a tragedy but soon learns she had a long-lost sister she never knew. He then sets out to find the sister and tell her about her secret family.

Kingsbury founded Karen Kingsbury Productions and funded the production herself “Really, the only way to tell the story that’s in my heart and in my head is to do it ourselves,” she said. “And so that’s what this is.”

It stars Sarah Fisher (“Meet Me Under the Mistletoe,” “Degrassi: The Next Generation”); Jake Allyn (“The Baxters,” “The Quad”); and Lynn Collins (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” “John Carter”), among others. The plot involves embryo adoption and twin sisters who are “separated at the petri dish.” When one of the sisters dies, Dawson accidentally learns she has a sister.

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“He’s going to go find that person, just because it’s the last thing he can do for this deceased friend of his,” Kingsbury said. “And he finds this girl. Dawson shows up where she works at the zoo and says, ‘I have information about your adoption and about your adopted sister.’ Well, this opens this big wound and heartache for this girl. She travels to another state and visits the biological family.”

The Christian theme is apparent.

“It’s a story of reconciliation and redemption,” she said. “Forgiveness is hard. And this is a movie that shows it’s possible. And also that even if you’ve been through the greatest loss if you can keep your eyes up, you’re going to be OK.”

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