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Super-stressed at work? Doctors can now diagnose you with ‘Burnout’

Feeling tired and overwhelmed from work? The World Health Organization (WHO) has added an official new diagnosis for you – it’s called “burnout.”

USA Today reports the professional health community can now diagnose burnout as an “occupational phenomenon.”

Burnout is more than feeling stressed out. The WHO designation excludes those who have been diagnosed with anxiety, mood disorders, and other stress-related medical conditions.

The WHO’s revision of the International Classification of Diseases defines burnout as a syndrome “resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.”

The health guidelines characterize burnout as:

  1. Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion
  2. Increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job
  3. Reduced professional efficacy

The new guidelines make sure to note that burnout applies specifically to work and not other areas of life.

CNN reports that Psychologist Herbert Freudenberger formally studied burnout for the first time and published an article about it in 1974.

Linda and Torsten Heinemann, authors in the journal SAGE Open said it was not considered an official disorder for decades because much of the research was focused on “causes and associated factors.”

Now, WHO has provided medical professionals with guidelines to help diagnose the condition.

The Centers for Disease Control gives several suggestions to those dealing with chronic workplace stress. The CDC encourages people to find:

  1. Balance between work and family or personal life
  2. A support network of friends and coworkers
  3. A relaxed and positive outlook



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