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Tebow’s movie beats Oscar winning film, lands in top 10

It’s a hit! That’s what folks in Hollywood are admitting to, referring to the movie Tim Tebow produced, “Run the Race.”

The film, for which Tebow is a producer, landed in the top ten films at the box office in its opening weekend.

Released by Roadside Attractions to 853 theaters nationwide, “Run The Race” earned more than $2.2 million and finished at number 10 – even beating out “Green Book,” which won the Best Picture Oscar over the weekend at the 91st Academy Awards. “Green Book” finished the weekend at number 11.

The website The Wrap called the movie a “faith-based hit,” comparing Pure Flix’s “Indivisible” movie which debuted on 850 screens and opened to $1.5 million last October.

Tebow’s film tells the story of two brothers facing challenges and a major tragedy that puts the weight of the world on their shoulders. The film was directed and co-written by Chris Dowling. (“Where Hope Grows,” “Rock Slyde”)

The former NFL star turned pro baseball player says it’s a story of learning what we have to hold on to that can’t be shaken in the face of loss and learning “who we are” and “whose we are.”

Tebow recently shared that the story behind the film is truly powerful.

“I think it has to do with the story. My goal was never, honestly, to get into the movie industry. And it’s still not, really. It was more about being able to tell the story. When we read the script, it impacted me. I was crying and I showed it to my family and they were crying,” Tebow said.

He explained there was something about the Truett brothers that reminded him of his relationship with his brother Robby.

“I think there are a lot of similarities to a certain extent. We are very close. We push each other. We compete all the time. Robby helped make me better in sports and in life,” Tebow noted.

“Just having each other’s back, and that relationship. I think that is probably my favorite part about this movie. It is about relationships and I believe life is about relationships,” he said.