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Teen Vogue using Snapchat to show kids how to get abortions

Teen Vogue, known for providing kids with explicit articles on sex, is now using the social media platform Snapchat to advise them on how to get an abortion.

The new social media series it titled, “How to Get an Abortion if You’re a Teen.” It was previously published online in June.

The article looks down on parents who are against abortion calling their pro-life views “abstract” and says if children first approach them about the desire, parents might react more favorably and let them have the medical procedure that ends the life of an unborn child.  It even calls the procedure “abortion care.”

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If parents disagree with providing the abortion, the series walks teens through the steps they need to take to terminate a pregnancy while keeping it from their parents.

Elizabeth Johnston, the author of the Activist Mommy blog, rebuked the magazine — which is no longer in print, but still creates internet-based content — for advising girls on “how to get an abortion without her pro-life parents knowing about it.”

“Unborn children have no rights, but teenage children should have all right to bodily autonomy, including consent to dangerous, irreversible procedures like abortion without their parents’ involvement?” she wrote.

The Teen Vogue article came about from a series of questions posed  to Vogue writer Nona Willis Aronowitz. She was originally answering a series of questions from an unnamed 16-year-old girl afraid to tell her parents she wants to terminate her pregnancy because they are pro-life.

Johnston noted the fact the teen — despite her parents’ views — turned to a secular magazine for advice on abortion “should be a major wake-up call to each of us.”

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“How is it that even though her parents believe abortion is wrong, those beliefs have not been imparted to her?” she wrote. “This should be a sobering reminder not to let the world’s culture raise your children.”

Regardless of how the 16-year-old girl found herself in her current predicament, she continued, her pregnancy “is the creation of a precious life forged by the very hands of God.”

“That is nothing to be ashamed of, and one would hope that her pro-life parents would tell her exactly that if given the opportunity,” Johnston added.

The article and SnapChat push to promote abortion comes after a long series of articles over the years which critics said were better suited for adult audiences–not the 12-year-olds the website targets.

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