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Untold history and Germany’s invasion of Russia

There is a great deal about the history of World War II that has missed our history books. Like how the Soviet Union waited until the day before VJ Day to declare war on Japan, plus events that led up to that late decision.

As early as 1937, Japanese and Soviet pilots were fighting over the Chinese border in an undeclared war, each shooting down the other’s airplanes. There were aces and casualties on both sides (all unofficial, of course), but fighting never the less.

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Robert White

The Soviets placed their best troops on that border after the terrible defeat they suffered in the Sino-Japanese War. Teddy Roosevelt actually arbitrated a peace treaty and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. It is just one more reason why, when the Germans invaded Russia, most of the Soviet’s best troops were nowhere to be found in Europe. In fact, it was the combination of the Soviet Air Force and the Chinese AVG (American Volunteer Group) that gave the Japanese Air Force all of the experience they used on us at Pearl Harbor and the first stages of World War II. They had few other opponents.

Much of history goes unreported in our history books, which should serve as a summation of the news events of the time. If it wasn’t reported, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. From the Panay to the Reuben James, these ships were lost before Japan woke us up.

There is a great deal not being reported widely today: the killing of Christians in Africa and the Middle East, as well as Iranian plans to attack US soldiers in Iraq, or missiles being launched into Israel.

Fortunately, we have the Metro Voice News. Thanks Dwight and Anita.

Bob White is a Certified Financial Planner who lives in the Pleasant Hill area.  A graduate of Pembroke Hill School and the University of Kansas, he majored in Economics and minored in history.  In addition to local, Kansas and Missouri history, he has an interest in its unique aspects–the events missing from the history books and timelines that paint a more complete picture.