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Washington Post blasted for story placement

The Washington Post sparked outrage Tuesday after publishing an article about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh returning to coach his daughter’s basketball team under its “public safety” category.

postWhile the article barely mentions the sexual misconduct allegations raised against him during his confirmation, the article’s location under “public safety” raised eyebrows.

National Republican Senatorial Committee member Logan Dobson criticized the paper for placing the story above an article about a 6-year-old child struck by a bus in Maryland.

“Yes, truly this is where a story about a local youth basketball coach belongs,” Dobson wrote in the tweet.

A spokesperson for The Washington Post told The Hill stories written by the author of the Kavanaugh piece automatically populate in the public safety category. The spokesperson said the story should not have been there and would be removed from the category.

Still, conservatives say the article’s initial placement is an example of media bias against the judge.

Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court on Oct. 5.