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West Quincy evacuated as levee breaches

Residents continue to flee West Quincy, Mo. this morning as part of a mandatory evacuation, following a levee breach along the Durgens Creek.

State Rep. Louis Riggs, R-Hannibal, says a levee from the Union Levee District near LaGrange has failed, along with some other levees in both Lewis and Marion Counties.

Riggs says the Quincy Memorial Bridge is still closed tonight, but the Quincy Bayview Bridge has opened back up to Missouri traffic.

Representative Riggs also states there is an urgent need for sandbaggers to fortify the Canton levee, which is on the Mississippi River.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in St. Louis says the Mississippi River in Canton is cresting at about 26.8 feet, and that the Mississippi at Hannibal is expected to creep past its crest Saturday morning at 30.7 feet.

Riggs says sandbagging in Hannibal has topped off the flood wall, and that townspeople are waiting for tomorrow’s crest.

Riggs says he’s praying hard, and praying for those who have losses from the Lewis and Marion County levee failures.

He says the next 36 hours or so are critical, adding that Mother Nature needs to cooperate.

WGEM reports the mandatory evacuation order was issued at about 6:30 Thursday evening.

Fabius River Drainage District President Roger Sutter is quoted by WGEM as saying the river is eating away at the levee there.

Riggs says the Durgens Creek breach has eaten away at the Fabius levee.

Heavy rain is expected over the weekend with thunderstorms moving across the state.