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Phil & Kim Melugin are the owners of Phoenix Home Care and Hospice

What is Home Care about? Company shares their philosophy

This past Summer, Phoenix Home Care and Hospice cut the ribbon on its new Topeka location at 2945 SW Wanamaker Drive. Phoenix also has locations in Wichita and Lebanon, Kansas, as well as eight locations in Missouri, including Independence, Sedalia and Joplin.

The company provides home health care services, comprehensive disease management, private duty nursing for adults, hospice care and a pharmacy.

Phoenix Home Care was founded seven years ago and provides quality home care services for its clients. Its 18 office locations include Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and Colorado and now employ more than 3,400.

The company says its mission is “to offer new beginnings and meaningful opportunities to caregivers and clinicians while providing home care services to our clients built on innovation, skill, and Christ-like values of compassion, honesty, and patience.”

“Our written core values reflect, in words, what is truly important to us as an organization,” said Nick Carroll, Post-Acute Patient Consultant at Phoenix Home Care & Hospice. “In our mission, we highlight the pillars of this culture: compassion, honesty, and patience. These descriptive words define our culture.”

The company’s name and story is built upon the image and legend of the phoenix bird. “The phoenix is a story of ever-changing growth and rebirth,” says Carroll. “The beautiful mythical creature reflected the lights and colors of the morning sunrise – always chasing the light and capturing all that was beautiful. The phoenix is a symbol of constant rebirth, renewal, and fresh starts. It is not a story of ashes, but rather of beauty and upward thinking.”

Carroll says the company’s energy is focused on improving quality of life, perpetuating positive attitudes, and embracing the challenges life places before each person with grace, respect, and compassion.

“Our catalyst to consistently rise to new heights is a combination of perpetual learning, measurement of success, looking through the eyes of those we serve, and listening with our hearts, which causes us to pause and discover what is really important in each situation,” Carroll says. “Within the listening and the application of learning, we find new beginnings.”

Phoenix Home Care came to be as a result of the founders’ commitment to improve the quality of life of the people they serve. Carroll says each of the principals experienced the need for home care for a loved one. “We understand what truly matters and how important compassion is in finding fresh starts and New Beginnings.”

“There are many home health care agencies in the marketplace,” Carroll says. “On the outside, they all look pretty much the same. It is the inside that matters – the culture. We have set out to distinguish ourselves through the selection of our employees, the client-focused training of our highly skilled caregivers, and the value-based leadership practices of our management.”

For more information visit their website, www.phoenixhomehc.com.


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