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‘Woke’ books targeting a much younger audience of children

“Woke books,” already a concern in school libraries, now are targeting an even younger audience.

A wave of woke books about racism, same-sex parents and police brutality now can be found in the children’s section of bookstores across America. Some experts say it’s a way to indoctrinate kids into a particular ideology. Books such as “Antiracist Baby,” “Daddy & Dada,” “Woke Baby” and “A is for Activist” have been spotted in the early concepts and learning section at Barnes & Noble. Sharna Olfman, a professor of psychology at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, said children 11 and older finally can begin to understand political views. Until that point, they are simply “parroting the perspective of the author or the parent,” instead of understanding it.

woke booksChristopher Rufo, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, told “The Daily Mail” that “`Antiracist Baby’ and other books like it are not designed to teach basic literacy or character formation. They are designed to indoctrinate children into a specific ideology, using their parents as the mechanism of transmission.”

The Heritage Foundation‘s Jonathan Butcher also suggests that there isn’t a happy ending during these woke tales.

“I don’t believe in banning ideas from classrooms. and it’s not a school’s job to protect students from ideas they might find offensive or disagree with,” Butcher explained. “But I do believe that these ideas should be introduced at an age-appropriate time when students can be taught to question and challenge them and to see when they run contrary to America’s identity.

“The lesson for the next generation, the one that we should be laying down, is that we fought this struggle and racism lost. Individual instances of racism should be condemned for what they are, but there should not be a presentation of a society that is irredeemable.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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