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Krissy Dines

Woman says amputated toes regrew during revival at Missouri church

Leaders of James River Church in Springfield,  Mo. say a woman’s amputated toes regrew during a service at its Joplin campus last week.

The service was part of the church’s “Week of Power,” which included services by guest Pastors Bill Johnson and Randy Clark. Pastor John Lindell said in a livestream that during a service hosted by Johnson, prayer team members prayed over Kristina Dines, who had three toes amputated after her then-husband shot her in 2015.

“As the ladies prayed for Krissy over the next 30 minutes, all three toes grew, and by that point, were longer than her pinky toe,” he told local news outlets. “Within an hour, nails began to grow on all the toes.”

The video where Dines reportedly shared her testimony about her toes growing back since has been removed from Facebook but still exists on Twitter. In it, Dines said three toes were amputated in an accident, but after attending a service at James River Church where women prayed over her feet, she witnessed the amputated toes reforming.

“Tonight, I can stand on my tippy toes,” she said. “Listen, do you understand? I can stand on tippy toes. No, I couldn’t do that because I didn’t have toes to tippy on.”

During the livestream, Johnson led a prayer session for “creative miracles.” He said creative miracles are different than healing and that he was “healing by decree, in accordance with how God’s world works.”

For example, if someone has a loss of cartilage in their knee, “I lay my hand on his knee and say, ‘God, Let all things be made new. I call into being cartilage in this knee,’” Johnson said.

During a service on Sunday, Lindell made another claim about the power of prayer.

“I’m gonna say one other thing, and I don’t say this lightly,” he said. But I just think you need to know what’s going to happen. Some of you are going to raise people from the dead. I’m not saying everybody will be raised from the dead. I’m just saying there are some people in this room (who will) raise people from the dead. It’s going to happen.”

The claims have been met with praise and scorn. Doubters have responded with requests for proof sighting Luke 17:14 “And when (Jesus) saw (the lepers), he said unto them, Go show yourselves unto the priests. And it came to pass, that, as they went, they were cleansed.” Someone even set up the website, showmethetoes.com, to ask that photos be posted showing the result of the miracle.

So far, Dines, nor the pastor have not responded.

Witnesses, however, remain steadfast in what they saw.

James Noble recounted on Facebook that he watched as “a pulse… where her toes had been removed” begin.

“The skin that had been discolored from the injury began to grow pink again, and then to the astonishment of everyone involved, her toes began to grow back,” he wrote.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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