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World Vision activating distribution network to help needy families

World Vision is activating its widespread network of existing partners to distribute food and supply kits to needy families during the coronavirus pandemic.

The ministry is working from 13 strategic locations across the country in major cities including New York City, Seattle, Dallas and Chicago to reach 650,000 vulnerable people with family emergency kits. Each kit provides a week’s worth of food for a family of five; hygiene and protective items; educational supplies and resources for kids; and other essentials.

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“We know that school closures means limited or no access to food for a lot of families, and we want to do all we can to help in this time of need,” said Edgar Sandoval, Sr., president of World Vision U.S. “It’s a unique time, because we are seeing the impact of the crisis right in our own backyard, affecting our neighbors, schools and churches. We want to bring hope like never before, trusting in God, uniting in prayer and moving swiftly to help those who are the most vulnerable here in the U.S. and around the world.”

World Vision is one of the largest Christian humanitarian organizations in the world, serving vulnerable children and families in more than 100 countries. Goods that are distributed include building materials, school supplies, personal-care items and clothing to more than four million people in low-income communities annually. World Vision also uses the supplies to donate to communities during natural disasters.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, World Vision has already been providing high-demand hygiene supplies such as disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers to school and church partners. It also has supplied masks and other personal protective equipment to local hospitals.

World Vision and its network are also providing resources and support to parents during the coronavirus emergency.

To donate visit their website.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice