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You Can Begin Again needs support for program

You Can Begin Again/You Can Begin Again Too, a local non-profit, is launching their newest program called Project 3000!

You Can Begin Again/You Can Begin Again Too is a non-profit organization that provides two years of housing, life skills training and case management to young women ages 18 to 25 who are aging out of the foster care system.

Project 3000! involves an individual or group contribution where each person commits to a weekly contribution of $5.00 per week (the average cost for a cup of coffee), a monthly contribution of $20.00, or a one-time donation of $260.00 per year.

“It is such a minimal amount to give, to create a great change in the lives of others,” Founder & Executive Director Tina Carter stated. “The young women of YCBA/YCBAT would benefit greatly from your consistent annual gift.”

Tina Carter

YCBA/YCBAT is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization located here in Topeka.

Over the past year, You Can Begin Again leased the property at 1316 SW Western from Ullman Properties in hopes to provide housing, life skills training and case management for young women 18-25 who aged out of the foster care system, as well as young women in the community who do not have family or family support. While these young women work through the program, YCBA/YCBAT pays the total rent for the participants for the first six months. After the first six months, they contribute $150.00. After 18 months they contribute $250.00, with YCBA/YCBAT paying the majority of the rent expense. YCBA/YCBAT’s key mission is to train participants to become self-sufficient, and with that, how to be responsible for their basic life needs.

Over the past year, the organization has had some great success and also gone through many growing pains, as you would expect with any new program in a new area.

“YCBA/YCBAT thanks God for all individuals and groups who have partnered with us,” said Carter, “and for the generous support we have received from The AIM5 Foundation and Advisors Excel.

During Carter’s previous work with Swiftpage in Colorado, there was a moment with the president of the company, John Oechsle, that has stuck with her over the years. He told the employees “I need help.” At that point and time, staff & supporters of Swiftpage dug in harder and produced more work because “we were all in it together.”

Tina Carter now states, “I am telling each of you, I need your help.”

YCBA/YCBAT cannot do this alone; the organization is asking for 3,000 people to help with Project 3000!

For more information or questions about the program, contact Carter at (720) 300-0029. Donations may be sent to Carter at You Can Begin Again, 2401 S.E. 11th St., Topeka, KS 66607, or made through PayPal on www.youcanbeginagain.org.


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