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YouVersion Bible app celebrates half-billion worldwide installations

Bible reading is on the rise during the pandemic, thanks in part to the success of the YouVersion app.

YouVersion recently because the first Bible app to reach 500 million installations worldwide. Approximately 64 billion Bible chapters have been read so far in 2021, which is up 21 percent over the previous year and 56 percent above 2019.

“While some people claim the Bible is irrelevant and scripture engagement is declining, these 500 million installs indicate otherwise,” YouVersion founder Bobby Gruenewald said. “The Bible continues to be relevant and has the power to transform lives, That’s why we’re excited to celebrate this milestone. Not just because it’s a big number, but because each install represents a chance for someone to go deeper in their faith and grow closer to God.”

The Bible app was one of the first 200 free apps available when the App Store launched in July 2008. From day one, YouVersion’s focus has been to help as many people as possible gain access to the Bible and encourage them to incorporate God’s word into their daily lives. Since then, the Bible App has steadily added a variety of features that fit people’s daily routines, ultimately helping them form a spiritually rich rhythm of seeking God.

The Bible app offers 2,600 versions of Bible text in 1,760-plus languages, more than any other app in the world. With the help of publishers, Bible societies and other partners, YouVersion can digitally distribute new Bible translations as soon as they’re completed, allowing people around the world to more quickly engage in scripture in their first language.

YouVersion pioneers technology that has applications in the church and beyond. As the global church learns how to foster community in this physical and digital hybrid-church world, YouVersion continues to create unique technology experiences for believers.

“Throughout the last several years, we have continually seen God do more than we could imagine through YouVersion,” Gruenewald said. “As the app has grown exponentially to reach people in every country of the world and change millions of lives, our faith has also grown to see new possibilities.

“We believe this is just the beginning for YouVersion. We have a fresh vision for where the Bible app is headed, and we’re excited to roll out new features in 2022 to better serve pastors and church leaders.”