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2023 Area Adoption and Life Ministry Wish List

Increased costs for this year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations on family budgets remain in the news. Donations to nonprofits are especially important as they have adjusted their budget and next year’s budget to reflect higher costs. That’s why a wish list for local organizations is important.

“The LIGHT House as well as many other ministries often receive a substantial percentage of their total giving for the year as year-end contributions,” James Morrow of the MBCH Foundation told Metro Voice. “In any given year these year-end contributions are vital to ensuring that charitable ministries have the funds they need to continue to care for the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental needs of their clients.”

By Anita Widaman

Morrow says that with inflation being at a 40-year high,  “Contributions will be especially important as charitable ministries try to supply more ministry support to more clients at an even greater cost.”

Below are area nonprofits that serve the unborn, at-risk women, and children in need of homes. Each year we ask these organizations to send us their Wish List. The list will assist individuals, families, small groups, organizations, and churches to extend a blessing to others during the Christmas season and the year to come.


Our number one need is monetary donations for expectant/birth parent expenses. We often will pay rent, utilities, etc. for our birth parent clients, and we do keep an account specifically for this purpose. If there is not enough in it, we have to ask the adoptive parents she chose if they are willing to pay for it, which of course is an added risk and expense for them. If we can help without charging extra fees of course we want to do that. Contact: Elizabeth Ehlen, 573-356-0025, info@agiftofhopeadoptions.com


Of all the things Alpha Christian Children’s Home needs/wants for Christmas, the most important thing would be your prayers. Only God knows exactly how he created each child he has entrusted to us, and only He knows exactly what each child has been through in life. Therefore, only He knows exactly what each one needs to draw children to Him and what they need to help them heal. Please pray for our Children, our staff, and Ministry. Pray God will draw each one to Him, and pray each child will find His Hope and Healing through His Love, and through His People! For further information contact:   Jeff Mulpas, Director of Development, 785-597-5235, office@alphachristianchildrenshome.com


Statistics show that nearly 80% of women who have the opportunity to view an ultrasound of their unborn baby will choose life. Having trained personnel to be ready to offer an ultrasound to clients at the most critical time is vital to being able to offer this service. Through AFL and Life Network of Central MO, we have a growing ultrasound training program that equips nurses across Missouri to scan clients and show them that tiny human being within the womb. Please donate funds to purchase a mobile ultrasound machine to use with our ultrasound training program. Contact Marsha Middleton, 816-806-4168, marsha@allianceforlifemissouri.com. You may also visit our website to make a donation: www.allianceforlifemissouri.com and choose the Give tab.


Birthright needs bilingual volunteers to offer love, hope and support to more moms. We also need large and extra-large maternity clothes. Contact: Glenda Merten, birthrightkc@juno.com or 816 444 7090.


Our current wish list includes a new(er) copy machine with scanning and faxing capabilities, laptop computer, a new Ergonomic office chair, 20 lb. copy paper, colored copy paper, electric stapler, and especially financial gifts. We do have tax credits for Missouri taxpayers for gifts of $100 or more.
Contact us for more info at 913-383-3337.


We are thankful Missouri was the first state to ban abortion after Row v Wade was overturned. Please help Concerned Women for America of Missouri continue to be your voice of influence at the Missouri State Capitol for protecting children and life. Donate at https://raisedonors.com/cwfa/mo or send check to Concerned Women for America PO Box 1352, St. Peters, MO 63376. Contact Janet Dabbs at cwaofmo@hotmail.com for further information.


At INFG we are always needing small slimline journals, 10–12-inch teddy bears, and donated airline miles to assist participants in attending our retreats. Contact: Linda Verhulst, lverhulst@infg.org, 816-847-2911


As 2022 comes to a close, Kansas continues to be at the center of the fight for life in a post-Roe America and we must find new ways to change hearts and minds about abortion. Sadly, record numbers of out-of-state residents are coming here to seek abortions. Kansans for Life will face this growing challenge by working to steer more public and private funding to pregnancy resource centers and create new educational outreach efforts. Your generous end of year gift will help us move forward with a retooled information campaign to address the current cultural environment.

KFL’s needs: 1. Support statewide pro-life educational efforts to win hearts and minds among the younger generations. 2. Financial assistance for our government affairs work to advance life-affirming public policies. To make a year-end donation, visit our giving page or contact Jessica Ortega at (800) 928-5433.


The LIGHT House is always seeking donations for our community education, adoption and maternity home programs. An up-to-date wish list can be found HERE.  Email Trudy Lewis at trudyl.lighthouse@mbch.org or call 816-361-2233 with any questions.


MBCH Children and Family Ministries is seeking holiday items for teenage girls from bath/perfume gift sets, to fun ankle socks, teen female robes, and any other hygiene item for ladies from a wide range of cultures. For their teen boys program, they are interested in cologne sets, ankle and mid-calf socks, and foot slides/shower shoes. Both programs can benefit from craft supplies, fidgets, puzzles, and exploratory science / invention kits.   For questions, please contact Dawn.Hensley@mbch.org or lila.ozley@mbch.org, 816-779-5173.


Do we need financial donations? Of course. Prayer? Absolutely and always! Some unique material donations for this year include a pop-up canopy to use at our events, original artwork by pro-life artists, a simple 2-speaker battery-operated sound system, and pro-life books in bulk, such as “Speaking for the Unborn” by Seven A. Christie or “What to Say When” by Shawn D. Carney and Steve Karlen. Contact: Linda Verhulst, mrl-wr@att.net, 816-353-4113


Our most consistent needs with clinic operations: baby wash/lotion/wipes, diapers (size NB-4), children’s board books, gender neutral diaper bags, NB-5T clothing, paper towels, toilet paper, bottled water, individually wrapped chocolate/candy/snacks/ Amazon/QT/Walmart/Uber gift cards. If you are able to help with any of our clinic needs this holiday season, please contact Carrie Mathews at cmathews@parkvillewomensclinic.com or call us at 816-746-4855


Items include: 1. Stocking Stuffers such as individual gift cards of $5 and $10 are greatly appreciated as they serve as great rewards at home and incentives for school. 2. Family Games to build relationships (Board games, cards, outdoor games, etc.) 3. Family Memories – passes or gift cards to entertainment and special outings as a family (Movies, bowling, music, sports, or performing art events, performing). 4. Family gift cards for groceries, home improvements, and family needs at stores like Walmart, Target, Lowes, Menards, etc.

A list of more specific toys, games, and household items for the children and families living at our 13 homes can be found on our Amazon Wish List HERE or by reviewing the latest needs list HERE.   For more information contact Chris Ruhnke, 660-347-5982, info@showmekids.org.

–Anita Widaman | Community Outreach Director and Metro Voice Publisher

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