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Amazing 45 pro-life new members of the House sworn in

Understandably, almost the entirety of the news coming out of yesterday’s swearing in of the new members of the House of Representatives was the very narrow margin by which Nancy Pelosi kept her job. Those not voting for her included 45 new pro-life members.

Pelosi received only 216 votes – less than a majority of 218 — but she prevailed because 216 was a majority of the members present. “Two members, both Democrats, voted for somebody else and three members — also Democrats — voted present,” Matthew Boyle reported.

Of course, this diminution in support from her caucus will not slow Pelosi in her attempts to pass pro-abortion legislation and eliminate the life-saving Hyde Amendment. If anything, it will make her more determined.

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This thirst to push abortion reminds us yet again of the importance of Republicans maintaining control of the Senate which will be decided by two run-off elections Tuesday in Georgia.

For us, the larger story Sunday was the swearing-in of many, many new pro-life women and men. to the 117th Congress.

According to National Right to Life, there are 18 new pro-life women. That number would increase to 19 if pro-life challenger Claudia Tenney defeats pro-abortion incumbent Rep. Anthony Brindisi in New York’s 22nd Congressional District. Tenney leads by 29 ballots out of 311,695 cast.

Other good news. There are 27 new pro-life men!

Together, that means, if Tenney carries the day, a whopping 14 House seats will have flipped from pro-abortion Democrats to pro-life Republicans.

That reality is music to the ears of pro-lifers. “I’m very excited about the new GOP members in the 117th Congress!,” said Karen Cross, NRLC Political Director. “Every one of them is pro-life and will work with us to protect unborn children!”

This massive pro-life turnabout in the House was accomplished in the face of an avalanche of pro-abortion money. But resources wisely spent and the faithful efforts of millions of pro-lifers overcame not only the huge money disadvantage but also non-stop media predictions that pro-abortion Democrats would add seats.