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Be a Pro-Life Ambassador

There’s an old song from the 70’s recorded by Rare Earth that goes, “I just wanna celebrate another day of living. I just wanna celebrate another day of life.” That about sums it up for me and a sentiment I should internalize more when the circumstances of life may not be going as planned. The miracle of life is at work in all of us—in sickness and health; richer or poorer. It’s worth celebrating.

It’s also worth defending and fighting for. Few of us need to be reminded to defend ourselves if we are in peril, but millions of unborn children around the globe need us to step up and give them a voice. The best line of defense is to be equipped with the most effective tools (weapons?), and I believe the best weapon we have in our arsenal is the truth; the best tool is information.

With knowledge come the responsibility to disseminate that knowledge with conviction, accuracy, and grace. It can be scary to speak out with boldness, especially in today’s social/political climate. However, the assurance that we are doing the right thing can give us courage. The opportunity to intervene on behalf of a defenseless child can motivate us. The chance to save a life can give us hope.

And success stories can inspire us. The parents who pushed back against their doctor who advised aborting their Down Syndrome child. The pastor who started a drop box for abandoned, disabled babies. Mothers who canceled their abortions because of 40 Days for Life volunteers. The rape victim who realized her baby was a person, not a punishment. The teenage mom who was referred to a pregnancy center and got the support she needed.

We at the Western Region would love for you to be part of the success that being a Pro-Life Ambassador can bring. Paul Stark, Communications Director for Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, tells us how in his article, “Three keys to making you a persuasive pro-life ambassador.” He encourages us to start naturally (no one wants to feel cornered), engage graciously (be respectful and empathetic), and argue compellingly (know the facts). Although the author is from  Minnesota, a state that fully protects abortion “rights,” I think it’s wonderfully unifying that saving a baby is saving a baby, regardless of where one lives. The sanctity of life and the force of truth are universal.

Learn more about the work of Missouri Right to Life–Western Region HERE.

Linda Verhulst, MRL Western Region, director


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