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Book offers fresh insight on what God has in store for Kansas City

One of the most inspiring books I have read about the city I deeply love, Kansas City, was published in December 2020 by Neil Brown. Neil is part of our ministry team at midtown’s Bethlehem Christian Assembly. His book, “Kansas City’s Redemptive Gifts: Our Destiny Revealed Through History” is a valuable tool in the hands of intercessors who long to see true revival and transformation come to the Metro Area.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

In these crucial times God is raising up prayer warriors to watch over cities and intercede that our Lord’s Kingdom would come to their town. In the 1990’s, writers such as C. Peter Wagner and George Otis, Jr informed us how historical research could uncover territorial spirits and demonic strongholds that need to be overthrown. Yes, it is important to know this dark side of our urban surroundings. However, as we investigate how our cities have developed since they were founded, we often neglect to turn over what I would call the positive side of the coin: redemptive gifts.

Cities, like individuals, have unique attributes, characteristics, or gifts endowed by the Creator for the purpose of the building up and expansion of God’s Kingdom as a whole. “ ..all things were created and exist through Him and are in and for Him” (Colossians 1:16). “All things” includes cities. Discerning our city’s redemptive gifts is supremely important because these attributes indicate God’s sovereign purpose and original design for us and (right) where we live. The principal focus of this book are my personal observations regarding the redemptive gifts of my hometown, Kansas City. However, I have no doubt that my research and conclusions can serve as a template or model for other inquiring intercessors to investigate their own cities, regardless of where they live on the planet.

Brown’s book cover has a picture of a heart complete with arteries and veins. The organ is situated in the center of a map of the United States. This is an illustration of one of the many redemptive gifts of Kansas City. Our city has a high calling and divine destiny to represent, spiritually speaking, the “Heart of America.” King David, who had a heart after God, knew how to repent and be cleansed. May the Lord unite our heartland city to fear His Name so that we might be a pumping station of fresh life and hope not only for all of America but for the nations.

The latter portion of the book explains Malachi’s remedy for our city (See Malachi 4:5-6). The restoration of fatherhood in these last days will be paramount as an ointment to heal our land. This goes beyond repairing the family unit, society’s building block. The prophecy of Malachi encompasses spiritual fathers. It’s necessary to acknowledge and honor apostolic fathers that God is raising up to rebuild Kansas City. Furthermore, we can have a better understanding of our Lord’s early intentions for our communities by reviewing the lives of a few of our city’s founding fathers. I’m talking about spiritual pioneers who were “..looking for (a) city which has foundations, whose architect and builder is God.” ( Hebrews 11:10)

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If you have any questions, comments, or are interested in inviting the author to speak at your church or group, contact Neil Brown directly by email (bneil3090@gmail.com) or call (816) 606-9717.

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