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Courtesy Photo: Nathaniel Pawlowski

Canadian faces punishment for preaching outside drag queen story hour

Nathaniel Pawlowski, the son of a pastor in Calgary, faces potential punishment for preaching and reading the Bible outside a drag queen story time for children at a public library.

“We went there just to preach, read the Bible and just speak,” Nathaniel Pawlowski, he told Fox News.

Pawlowski said he and friend Deklan Friesen were speaking to a gathering outside the library when police detained them, moved them away from the crowd and issued tickets. The reason cited was an alleged violation of a recent bylaw, Pawlowski said.

Last month, the Calgary City Council passed the Safe and Inclusive Access Bylaw, which prohibits protests within 100 meters of a recreation facility or library entrance. The council also modified its public behavior bylaw to include the term “intimidation,” according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

The changes were made shortly after the Rev. Derek Reimer was arrested for disrupting a children’s drag queen story hour at Seton Library in Calgary. Reimer has been arrested three times in recent weeks and spent Easter weekend behind bars.

Pawlowski said that despite the presence of counter-protesters at the event who apparently supported transgender ideology — including several people waving pride flags who attempted to interrupt his preaching — only he and Friesen were issued tickets.

“I asked the peace officers if they are going to enforce the same law on to the other side with the Antifa protesters, and he assured me they would,” he said. “So I waited the entire time until they left, and nobody was served a ticket except for myself and my friend for preaching, reading the Bible and holding a prayer vigil.”

Pawlowski, who has a popular podcast diminishing freedom in Canada, said his open-air preaching emphasized “morality, biblical standards, sexual immorality and how this radical gender ideology has gone too far.”

Nathaniel’s father, Artur, made international headlines when he was arrested and jailed multiple times for keeping his church open during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was slapped with more than 40 citations and spent 51 consecutive days in two different prisons last year. During an interview shortly after his release, he said authorities placed him in a psychiatric ward and tried in vain to instigate other inmates to hurt him.

–Alan Goforth |  Metro Voice

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