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Danica McKellar. Images: videos.

Christian actors “coming out of woodwork” in Hollywood

There appears to be a shift in Hollywood for actors who previously thought they had to be under the radar. From Chris Pratt to Denzel Washington and Patricia Heato, actors are speaking out without fear.

The impressive opening weekend performance of the movie “Unsung Heroes” at the box office shows a strong demand for faith-based entertainment.

Actress Candace Cameron Bure continues to bring hope, faith and love to Hollywood. From her roots in “Full House” to her creativity in executive producing films such as “Unsung Hero,” Bure is on a mission to tell important stories while entertaining the masses. In a recent interview with CBN News, she shared her passion for positive, uplifting entertainment and explained what it’s been like to see more people in Hollywood embrace or at least show interest in Jesus.

“Wonder Years” star Danica McKellar is just one of the performers who came to faith after Bure shared scripture with her. McKellar said Bure is “amazing” and took time to answer her questions about Jesus and the Bible. “I just want people to feel that they’re not alone, that there’s love for you at any time and it’s such a gift,” McKellar said of her faith journey.

Bure said she’s grateful to be a source for helping point people to the truth.

“It’s pretty incredible from the people that I’ve walked hand in hand with and encouraged along the way,” she said. “And just to have a small part of knowing that I planted a seed or maybe spoke a word that encouraged them along to become a believer or strengthen their faith in Christ.”

The “Fuller House” star said she often receives messages through social media thanking her for speaking out, noting she is humbled and encouraged by them. Bure also discussed why she stayed away from Christian films for much of her career, explaining they had a bad reputation because of their poor quality. But in recent years, she’s been blown away by how artistic and powerful these movies have become.

“Within the last, I would say, five years, the quality is incredible,” she said. “It’s like people of faith are coming out of the woodwork.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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