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Chiefs Harrison Butker comforts family of woman killed at Super Bowl rally

Stories continue to emerge about how Chiefs players have supported victims of the shooting during the Super Bowl rally at Union Station in mid-February. Kicker Harrison Butker sent a jersey and consoling message to the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, the woman who lost her life during the shooting.

“The senseless violence that took Lisa’s life is heartbreaking,” he said, according to “OSV News.” “She was victim of a heinous act of murder, a wrong that begs for divine justice. I earnestly hope that the perpetrators are rightfully punished.”

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Lisa Lopez-Galvan. Photo: Facebook

The shooting not only resulted in the death of Lopez-Galvan but also left 22 others, including 12 minors, wounded.

Lopez-Galvan, who was actively involved with Sacred Heart Guadalupe Church and was a mother to two, was a fan of Butker and admired him for his devout Catholic faith. She was wearing his jersey when she was shot. With her love for the player known, the family wished to have her buried in a white Butker jersey similar to the one she had on during the parade. Their quest to find such a jersey led to an online plea that caught Butker’s attention.

“Hearing that she was an admirer because of our faith brings this even closer to home,” Butker said. “I am touched to have been able to provide her family a jersey for her burial,”

Butker also offered his prayers for the grieving family and for Lisa’s soul, reinforcing his commitment to pray for their healing. Lopez-Galvan’s wake took place at Redemptorist Catholic Church on February 23, followed by her funeral the next day. Although the wake and funeral were public, the burial was a private family event. A church member described her as a person of continuous joy and the highlight of any gathering.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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