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John Cooper with Skillet.

Christian music festivals can help rebuild family bonds, says Skillet’s John Cooper

John Cooper of the Christian band Skillet believes music festivals can help restore the family dynamic in the nation. He specifically mentioned Rock the Universe which took place over the weekend at Universal Studios in Orlando.

“Even in culture right now, even if you were to take the religious aspect out of something like this, you’ve really only got two events that bring Americans together, which is sports and music,” Cooper says. “We can’t agree on anything. But you go to a concert or a sporting match, and everybody sort of like, ‘OK, we can at least agree on this. We’re here to have fun.’”

In years past, he said, it’s been an event that non-Christians have attended with their children because they enjoy music, and it’s a family friendly, festive occasion.

“Not that everybody there is a Christian or even religious, but a large percentage of people are, and they’re joining together, because you all agree on something,” Cooper said. “What we agree on, usually for lots of people, is that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and we want to celebrate that.”

For those who are not Christian, Cooper said he often has heard that some families choose to attend the annual event because it’s a safe place to go to and enjoy music. “I’ve met people who said, ‘I gave my life to Christ at a Christian music event like Rock the Universe, and now I’m here and I’m bringing my kids at the very place that I gave my life to Christ,” he said.

Skillet has been around for nearly 30 years and is part of Pandora’s ‘Billionaires” club, launched in 2018 to designate bands and artists that have surpassed more than one billion streams. With each passing decade, Cooper said he’s seen changes among their audience.

“As the world gets crazier, what I’m seeing in my concerts anyway, is that a lot of people are coming, bringing their families,” Cooper said. “Skillet is becoming a family event, even for people who are not into the Jesus part. They’re like, ‘I’m not into the Jesus stuff, but I can bring my kids here, and I’m running out of places to bring them.’ Because even sports are getting inundated with woke culture that even as non-Christians, they’re uncomfortable with.

“So I still think the church is the answer. God’s way always works, and it’s going to work in 2023 if we will listen.”

–Alan Goforth | MV

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