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Jimmy Levy, left, knocked Taylor Swift out of the #1 spot with his anti-woke song.

Christian singer’s anti-woke songs bump Taylor Swift from top of charts

Move over, Taylor Swift. Two recent anti-woke songs recently bumped her and a popular K-Pop singer from the No. 1 spots on iTunes and Billboard rankings.

“That shows that we’re the majority no matter what,” Christian singer Jimmy Levy says. “The mainstream and Hollywood — and the industry wants to promote whatever agenda they want to promote and try to make us look like we’re the minority — people of God, patriots, Americans. It’s just not the truth. And no matter what, God prevails.”

His song “Boycott Target” took the No. 1 spot on the iTunes sales chart when it dropped at the end of May, bumping Taylor Swift. About a month later, his Christian hip-hop song “Reclaim the Rainbow” reached the top spot on Billboard’s rap digital song sales chart, knocking K-Pop singer Jimin of the band BTS from the top position.

The retailer pulled the designer’s products off shelves shortly afterward. The response angered LGBTQ activists, who demanded Target reverse course and show support for their community. Levy said that although he wants his music to focus on God more than politics, he viewed the conflict part of a spiritual war.

Despite their song reaching the top of the charts, Levy believes it was shadow banned on social media and Apple’s music platform.

“It took like a couple of days for people to be able to actually search it on iTunes,” he said “The only way they were able to find it was on the charts. They were not allowing it to be searched. And it’s like, ‘why is a song that’s speaking out against people that are basically grooming our children, getting taken down?’ It’s just very weird. Why are we protecting that? But we allow all these other horrible things online to just stay on, you know?”

“Reclaim the Rainbow” was released during June and climbed to the top of digital rap charts. The song implores Christians to reclaim the biblical meaning of the rainbow in Genesis with the lyrics, “It is a promise, it isn’t pride.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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