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Critical race theory dissolving American society, author says

Critical race theory is used like “acid” to dissolve American society and break down its critical institutions, according to James Lindsay, bestselling author and founder of New Discourses.

Karl Marx expected that the communist revolution would begin in advanced capitalist countries, asserting that these societies’ “contradictions would build up so dramatically that the proletariat would awaken and form workers parties that would become a ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ and lead us into an idealized socialism,” Lindsay said. Marx published his “Communist Manifesto” around the mid-19th century, but the first communist revolution succeeded only about 70 years later in 1917 in Russia.

“Nowhere in the developed capitalist societies was this happening, but you have peasant Russia which is an aristocratic mode still that’s able to be flipped over by the Bolsheviks,” Lindsay said. “Same thing happened later in China. China was not an industrial center, it was not an advanced capitalist society, it was a peasant society.”

Marxist thinkers came to understand that people considered their Western culture or their Chinese culture with their values sets as being fairly good, and despite being aware of some of its imperfections, did not want to overthrow it.

“Marxists realize that if you can undermine the existing culture and create a break from the existing culture and demonize the existing culture, then you can especially get the younger generations to want to pick up with a whole new program,” he said. “And that’s the way that you can affect what they call a cultural revolution.”

After destroying the old culture, Marxists have to get “the young generation to want to grow up to be a new man in a new society that understands that we aren’t individuals at all,” Lindsay said. The goal is to have people perceive their “true nature as a social collective, or as a communist kind of person.”

–Lee Hartman| Metro Voice