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Digital global missions empower local churches 

The Influence Lab is changing how the church looks at missions in today’s digital age. Investing in digital missions can significantly expand a local church’s reach and impact in a multitude of ways, says Phil Cooke contends.

Digital evangelism and discipleship exploded during Covid and ministry experts say it shows no signs of slowing.

  • Global outreach. “Digital missions break geographical barriers, allowing even small local churches to reach individuals worldwide and spread their message to a broader audience. Today, a single person can force a major corporation to change course through the momentum created on social media. What could that kind of influence mean when reaching the world for Christ?”
  • “Digital platforms facilitate interaction and engagement. While many traditional churches still refuse to acknowledge this, statistics prove that churches connect with their congregation more regularly through livestreams, social media and other online channels that foster a stronger sense of community. Remember that the largest church in America (Life Church in Oklahoma City) has invested heavily in digital outreaches and shows no signs of slowing down.”

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  • Education and resources.: “Online resources like educational materials, study guides and video content aid spiritual growth and development. We helped a local ministry founded by a single individual rebrand and relaunch, primarily online. Today, the ministry has published multiple books and Bible study guides and just released a new study Bible. There really is no limit to what a motivated believer can do online for the gospel.
  • Evangelism and discipleship. “Digital tools offer various ways to engage in evangelism and discipleship, allowing the church to reach out to nonbelievers while supporting the growth of current members through online teachings, discussions and support. Small groups meeting in homes are fantastic but think of the connections small groups could make online, with the advantage of including members worldwide. I’ve filmed in more than 70 countries during my career, and over the last decade, nearly everyone has a mobile device, even in the world’s most remote places.”
  • Adapting to changing times. “In a rapidly evolving digital age, investing in digital missions allows the church to remain relevant and connect with younger generations increasingly reliant on digital media for information and community. Rather than building brick-and-mortar outreaches, you can create resources they can easily access via a mobile device or computer. That’s why digital missions are more cost-effective and scalable than traditional methods, potentially reaching more people for a fraction of the cost.”

“At The Influence Lab, we believe it’s time to change the perception of Christianity and missions in today’s media-driven culture,” stated the lab’s founder Phil Cooke. “To make that happen, we’ve mobilized a powerful global strategy to teach and train the next generation of pastors and leaders how to effectively use media to share the gospel in today’s digital age.”

Cooke is no newcomer to media. He has produced media programming in nearly 70 countries and created many of the most influential inspirational TV programs in history with a client list that includes Hollywood studios, major nonprofit organizations, and many of the world’s most respected churches and ministries.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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