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George W. Bush’s paintings of service members now on display at Truman Library

After leaving the presidency in 2009, George W. Bush painted portraits of 98 service members that he had come to know. Sixty-six of these paintings are now on display at the Truman Library and Museum in Independence in an exhibition called Portraits of Courage, a Commander-in-Chief’s Tribute To America’s Warriors.

“I think people will walk away from the Portraits of Courage exhibition with a newfound appreciation for American military personnel and veterans and what they do quietly without fanfare, without much celebration, to defend our country and defend democracy,” Executive Director Alex Burden said, according to “Missouirnet.”

The artist at work on one of his veteran portrait paintings, which went on exhibit at Southern Methodist University in March 2017.

Each featured painting is accompanied by the inspiring story of the warrior depicted, written by President Bush. As the stories unfold, readers and visitors will encounter the faces and hearts of those who answered the nation’s call and learn of their bravery on the battlefield, their journey to recovery and the continued leadership and contribution they make as civilians.

In addition to the collection of portraits, the exhibit includes information and resources created by the Bush Institute’s Military Service Initiative that visitors can use to learn how to better support post-9/11 warriors in their communities. These resources are intended to help bridge the military-civilian divide.

Burden said the exhibit might have been therapy for Bush.

President Truman, one of the decisions that he really regretted and impacted him well beyond his time in the White House, was his decision to send U.S. forces into Korea, which cost thousands of American lives,” he said. “It’s a very difficult decision that President Truman and President Bush and many other presidents have had to make,” said Burden.


The paintings will be on display through the end of this year. Veterans and active-duty military members will be admitted free with proof of military service. More information is available at www.trumanlibrary.gov.

–Anita Widaman | MV

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