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House Democrats block resolution condemning violence by pro-abortion activists

A congressional resolution that would have condemned the violent attacks directed at churches and pro-life organizations by pro-abortion activists in recent months has been blocked by House Democrats.

The resolution noted that “since the May 2, 2022, leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, individuals professing anti-life views have targeted, destroyed or vandalized numerous pro-life facilities, groups and even churches to further their radical cause,” according to “The Christian Post.” The final Dobb ruling, released on June 24, ultimately reversed Roe and stated the Constitution doesn’t confer a right to abortion. The resolution listed examples of the vandalism directed at churches and pro-life organizations before and after Dobbs.

The resolution would have declared that the House “condemns recent attacks of vandalism, violence and destruction against pro-life facilities, groups and churches” and “recognizes the sanctity of life and the important role pro-life facilities, groups and churches play in supporting pregnant women, infants and families.” It urged the Biden administration to use all appropriate law enforcement authorities to uphold public safety and to protect the rights of such organizations.

Progressive have feared that the Dobbs decision could pave the way for the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider other landmark Supreme Court rulings championed by Democrats, specifically those legalizing contraception nationwide and requiring all 50 states to recognize same-sex marriages. The majority opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito, insisted that this decision concerns only the constitutional right to abortion and no other right, adding, “Nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on precedents that do not concern abortion.”

Pro-abortion activists calling themselves Jane’s Revenge have taken blame for multiple acts of vandalism against churches and pro-life organizations, recently declaring “open season” on such groups. Supporters of the resolution believe inaction from the House puts churches, pro-life groups and Supreme Court justices at risk.

Heidi Matzke, executive director of Alternatives Pregnancy Center in Sacramento, told the Senate Judiciary Committee last week that her clinic recently has spent up to $150,000 to improve security measures.

“Our clinic is one of 3,000 pregnancy care centers across America,” she said. “Each year, hundreds of thousands come to our clinics looking for free medical care, emotional support and practical resources that will enable them to carry their pregnancies to term.”