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I am a free black woman. Why I won’t vote Democrat this year

While growing up south of the Mason-Dixon Line during the 1970s, there were a few things I could count on seeing inside all of my family members’ homes: pictures of Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Democrat John F. Kennedy.

During my childhood, my community was immersed in church, Sunday school, vacation Bible camp, weekly revivals, etc.  You name it, the children were expected to be there, even when our parents were not.  Consequently, I learned the importance of

Mavourene Robinson | Opinion

Jesus firsthand.  So, I got it.  Jesus’ picture was prominently placed because He’s our Savior and Lord.  We also learned about the sacrifice of men and women of the true Civil Rights Movement.  Men and women like Fredrick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Medgar Evers, and Martin Luther King Jr., amongst others.  Again, I got it why we had pictures of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. in our homes.

But I don’t recall having been taught the history and justification for the prominently placed John F. Kennedy Sr. portrait.  I simply trusted the judgment leading to JFK’s photo being prominently placed on our mantel. He must have been as good for and as important to Black people as Dr. King.  And he was a Democrat.

I previously wrote about some of my journey toward my current political party affiliation as a registered and voting Republican.  What I may not have made clear enough is that my journey, and more importantly my vote, was not based upon candidate personality.  Neither was it based upon what my family and friends would think.  My political party affiliation and vote for President Donald Trump began as an act of obedience to my morality and has grown into a position of support and endorsement, because I follow Jesus.  Not in spite of following Jesus.

black democratSeveral truths cannot be theologically debated amongst true followers of Christ.  One, Jesus is not double-minded.  What God says is…just is.  When Jesus prayed to the Father that at the end of His earthly ministry, we (his followers) would be made one as He and the Father are one speaks to a united community of believers.  Consequently, the disunity along political party lines among those of us identifying as Christians is as fishy as an eleven-dollar bill.  Clearly, one side is wrong.

At the time of this writing, we are less than 13 days until the election. How many of us have read the official platform documents of each party?  If you have not, I would caution that not doing so is like agreeing to a mortgage loan without reading the financing terms.  Or worse, it is like agreeing to entrust your child to a childcare center that does not conduct regularly scheduled criminal background checks on its staff.

For all of us who have not read the platform documents and sought God’s wisdom on how to vote, we are doing much worse.  The people elected at the national, state, and local levels are chosen by a relatively small percentage of engaged Americans.  This year’s election outcomes will affect policies, laws, and regulations determining the legitimacy of our free access to worship, our ability to own homes and land, and who will have access to our children and grandchildren.  What we see of Democrats and Democratic Socialists cheering the mobs and posting bail for criminals is just a hint of what will come if they take control of the White House and gain a Senate majority. I appeal to you all to read both party’s platform documents.  You can read them here.

As an American woman, I am free today and refuse to be categorized by anyone as a victim, a token, or pet project.  Therefore, I can only be wrangled and herded along with the party of people who hate God’s equal justice and His empowerment that is based upon legal and moral law if I willingly go along with the herd and its ungodly leaders.  As an informed American woman, I also play a large part in deciding my future, because I am free to choose who I will follow.   Jesus first and always.  Then those who seek political positions of authority over me.

What is certain is that every vote against President Trump is a vote against the protection of Israel, the sanctity of life and freedom of religion, among other things for which everything earthly is at stake.

– Mavourene Robinson is an author, speaker and a teacher who resides in Maryland with her son.  Mavourene is still in process and believes that her journey of redemption from Jacob’s well represents a God-given promise for every person.  She is writing her first book and enjoys reading, writing, hiking, cooking and is learning to garden.  You can read her blog here  and follow her on Twitter here.