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Tim Mahoney in the Egyptian Sinai.

In ‘Journey to Mount Sinai II’ Tim Mahoney reveals evidence for biblical story

In a major documentary release through Fathom Events, moviegoers will see hard evidence of Mount Sinai and proof of the biblical account.

For Tim Mahoney, an investigative filmmaker, his own story to know God the Father began long ago and influenced his journey as a filmmaker. His earthly father could be dangerous and threatened to kill them all, so his family fled and hid to be safe, with Tim merely ten years old. His grandmother’s home he often visited felt like a safe place. His grandmother, mother, and others shared their faith and that greatly impacted Tim.


Some Exodus Explorers believe these rock inscriptions suggest the worship of bulls. Is this connected to the biblical event of the golden calf worship? Copyrighted 2022 Patterns of Evidence LLC

In his twenties, the movie The Hiding Place produced by the Billy Graham Association captivated Tim and connected him to storytelling and the Jewish people. Tim became a commercial filmmaker and switched to promoting movies for the Billy Graham’s film company, World Wide Pictures. While working he heard of someone looking for evidence of the Exodus and the archeologist he met said there was no evidence of the biblical event. That shook Tim’s faith, but he moved past one man’s opinion and found people who indicated there were other ways to interpret the evidence. Tim began investigating patterns of archeological evidence that matched the patterns described in the Bible. He shared his thoughts and discoveries in his first film Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. That launched his career in creating more Patterns of Evidence films.


The Israelites were in great need of water. At Marah, the water was bitter Exodus 15:22-27 Copyrighted 2023 Patterns of Evidence LLC

As a thinking man, as he calls himself, Tim dug deep for truth and worked toward finding how the nation of Israel made their way through the wilderness to Mount Sinai. He also realized that God had been with him as he made his way through his own wilderness and that many people face challenges and journey through wilderness while learning to trust God. His upcoming Fathom Event, May 17 and 19, 2023, Patterns of Evidence: Journey to Mount Sinai 2 investigates how God led the Israelites through the wilderness after they crossed the Red Sea. This journey illustrates our need to rely on God through our struggles. Tim is passionate about passing on his faith and encourages families to use the films to share faith.


Filmmaker Tim Mahoney, with Dr. Deborah Hurn at Har Karkom, looking at 12 pillars that Israeli Archaeologist Emmanuel Anati believes are connected to the Israelite’s time at Mount Sinai.

In the wilderness in his mind and heart, one day Tim told God that he wished he had a father. God spoke to his heart, “Haven’t I been more of a father to you than any earthly father?” Tim agreed. God responded, “Trust me.” He started involving God in everything and found God constantly beside him, providing for each next step of his journey. That helped Tim look for what God provided the Israelites in their travel, as he outlined a pattern of evidence documented in the Bible that he would need to find for the film.

For Journey to Mount Sinai II, Tim investigates the route from the sea to the mountain, to discover if there is one mountain that appears to best fit the scriptures. The pattern includes looking for places that have enough space to accommodate a nation around the mountain’s base. The film uses an ingenious geographical grid to measure the space available at each candidate. Other steps of the pattern include finding the right artifacts and attributes to confirm the account, including a possible water source that could sustain such a large population in the wilderness. He had to show how Israelites could survive two months on foot in the desert following a pillar of cloud and fire on their journey to the mountain. Tim interviews experts on both sides of the issue as each gives their case, challenging viewers to come to their own conclusions.

Tim hopes the movie will strengthen the faith or viewers, and inspire them to share their faith within their families.

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– By Karen Whiting | Metro Voice

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