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Jerry Falwell Jr. Photo: video still.

Jerry Falwell Jr. suing for his retirement after sex scandal

Jerry Falwell Jr. is suing the university that his father founded. The former president claims he is owed more than $8 million in retirement funds.

Falwell left Liberty University in August 2020 after Giancarlo Granda, a young Miami pool boy who later became the Falwell family’s business partner, said he had a years-long sexual relationship with Falwell wife, Becki Falwell, and that the former school president would participate as a voyeur, scandalizing the private Christian college community that Falwell once served.

Liberty wrongfully has denied and withheld the benefits to which Mr. Falwell is entitled, despite Mr. Falwell meeting every requirement set forth in the [Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan] for payment of the benefits due on September 1, 2022,” the lawsuit said, according to Fox News.

Under the plan, Falwell “forfeits the account only in the event that his employment is terminated for cause or if he engages “in any competitive activity,” according to the lawsuit. Liberty University released a statement saying it is confident the school does not owe Falwell the money.

“This claim is part of a larger dispute currently pending in state court,” it said. “The university will defend the new action on the same grounds it has already pled on the record in the state case. Liberty is confident it is not legally required to pay these funds and will file the appropriate responses with the federal court.”

When Falwell resigned, the school was experiencing record enrollment with an endowment of $1.6 billion. He had been serving a leave of absence. Upon his resignation, the university released a statement saying the scandals “made it clear that it would not be in the best interest of the university for him to return from leave and serve as president.”

Supporters of the university say Falwell suing the school after the scandal is ridiculous.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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