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KS judge strips 25-year-old pro-life ‘Right to Know Act’

Today a Kansas judge blocked protections guaranteed to women by the “Woman’s Right to Know” Act. The ruling leaves women even more vulnerable to a predatory abortion industry, says Kansans for Life in a press release.

“This is a nightmare for women and a dream come true for the profit-driven abortion industry,” said Danielle Underwood, Communications Director of Kansans for Life. “Women will pay the price for the deceitful practices of the abortion industry that consistently puts its own profits above all else.”

Under this temporary injunction, the following safeguards will no longer be in place for women in Kansas:

  • Policies that ensure a woman is informed she has the right to change her mind and withdraw her consent to the abortion
  • 24-hour waiting period to allow a woman time and space before making a life-altering decision
  • Access to view her ultrasound or hear the heartbeat, at no additional expense to her
  • Information about abortion alternatives, medical risks and complications
  • Gestational age of the preborn child at the time the abortion is to be performed
  • Disclosure regarding whether the abortion provider has received any disciplinary actions by the State Board of Healing Arts
  • Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) information, which has been shown to be an effective life-saving medical intervention credited with saving over 4,000 babies

These safeguards were part of the “Woman’s Right to Know” informed consent act, first passed in 1997. The ruling immediately impacts women.

The hearing on the merits of the lawsuit will take place in Johnson County district court, beginning June 24, 2024.

–Metro Voice

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