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Mike Huckabee praises launch of National Association of Christian Legislators

A new association of Christian elected officials has gained the support of Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate.

The National Association of Christian Lawmakers (NACL), which was founded by Arkansas state Sen. Jason Rapert, held its charter meeting earlier this month in Destin, Fla,, with legislators representing 23 states in attendance. Huckabee attended the inaugural event and received the NACL’s American Patriot Award for Christian honor and courage.

Huckabee, who is on the group’s board of advisers, this week explained what he believed made the NACL distinct compared to other conservative Christian groups.

“The primary difference is that it is actually comprised of elected officials in a legislative capacity,” he said. “So this isn’t just a group of activists, they certainly probably see themselves in that role, but they’ve been elected.

“These are folks who have suited up for the battle, they’ve gone out into the arena and have come off that field, blood on their jerseys and grass stains all over their face. So they better understand that this is not a philosophical engagement, it’s a tactical engagement.”

Huckabee expects good things to come out the new organization.

“NACL is aa great opportunity to bring Christian legislators from around the country together for the purpose not only of camaraderie, fellowship and encouragement but also to develop policy ideas that would help their own constituencies better represent issues like religious liberty, sanctity of life, things that truly matter to believers,” he said.

Former Congressman Bob McEwen of Ohio, who received the NACL’s George Washington Lifetime Christian Leadership Award, gave the keynote speech on the first evening. “This is the nation that maintains hope and opportunity for the rest of the world,” he said, adding that that “truth overcomes error.”

Other speakers included Janet Folger, founder and president of Faith2Action, and Timothy Barton, president of Wallbuilders.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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