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Missouri leads way in reopening with explosion of tech jobs

Missouri is gaining a national reputation as a technology center as the state economy rebounds from the government-mandated Covid lockdown. Accenture Federal Services recently selected St. Louis for its new Advanced Technology Center, creating 1,400 new tech jobs.

“We’re proud to welcome Accenture Federal Services to Missouri, where we’re developing the next generation of tech talent,” Gov. Mike Parson said. “Missouri is already recognized as one of the most prepared states for the digital economy, and at a time when many Missourians are looking for work, this move will create more opportunity, grow our technology workforce and strengthen our standing as a technology hub in the United States.”

Missouri has earned a reputation as a tech hub with companies such as Square, Cerner Corporation and World Wide Technology in the state. The AFS executive team recognized Missouri’s dedication to growing its tech industry.

Kansas City’s Tech Council recently said there are 3,000 open tech positions in the metro. Through a virtual job fair held June 24, Organizers say Kansas City-based firms are attracting candidates from across the nation.

“Tech is still hiring,” Haley Regan, of the KC Tech Council, said. “I think it’s been one of the industries least impacted by all of this. It’s really exciting. There are still a ton of opportunities. They are remote, they are still relevant and they are only going to get bigger.”

One big draw for Missouri, and particularly Kansas City and St. Louis, is the lower cost of living. Others are choosing to telecommute.

Regan says the remote working trend is helping Missouri firms expand their talent pool.

“The region’s skilled talent, vibrant technology ecosystem and strong commitment to collaboration between government, civic, business, academic and community partners made St. Louis the ideal location for our new Advanced Technology Center,” AFS CEO John Goodman said. “By expanding our operations in this area, we will provide our people and new hires a great place to live and do work that matters.”

As Missouri continues to accelerate its economic resurgence following the COVID-19 pandemic, significant investments and new jobs are critical to the state’s recovery efforts. Missouri’s strong foundation in the tech industry makes it an attractive place for companies searching for a cost-friendly place to do business with an abundance of available tech talent.

“Attracting Accenture Federal Services to the state is the single largest business recruitment win in terms of jobs and payroll that we have partnered on to date since the formation of our organization,” said Subash Alias, CEO of Missouri Partnership. “Business attraction opportunities like this don’t come around every day. These are well-paying career-making jobs that are thriving in today’s new economy. To see AFS make this kind of commitment in Missouri during these times is both a testament to the resiliency of our state and the competitiveness of the team of economic development professionals who worked in concert to make this happen.”

Industry experts say that over the next five years Missouri may look much different because of the tech jobs flowing into the state.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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