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NEEDTOBREATHE album ‘Out of Body’ was worth the wait

Looking for more NEEDTOBREATHE? Well, this well-known Christian rock band recently dropped its seventh studio album, called Out of Body.

A collection of 11 songs, Out of Body is a blend of rock and folk, laced with other musical hints. It looks introspectively at purpose and passion as well as the ups and downs of friendship, family and faith.

“Mercy’s Shore” invites listeners to understand that God provides rest and protection, the way a mother protects her child, by providing a place of safety for them: “We can rest in the arms of trust/There’s no way that we can say/We’ve earned our way into light/All we have to do is stay.”

Similarly, “Child Again” is about embracing the wonder and freedom of a childlikeness, which we are meant to do as we rest in God: “Where’d the wonder go?/Trading magic for measured hope/Traded dreaming for a worn out home/Tired of being in control.”

“Survival,” featuring Drew and Ellie Holcomb, is about a man who desperately needs Jesus every day: “I am a man in need of/A constant revival/Jesus, come quickly/I need you for my survival.” Likewise, “Out of Body” discusses the necessity of seeing ourselves from an outside perspective.

“Alive” tells us that there is thrill and excitement in pursuing our passions and chasing our dreams, even through difficulties. Similar themes are heard in “Riding High.”

And in “Hang On,” we are reminded to savor new experiences and fleeting moments, as life moves quickly: “You can look back over your shoulder, yeah, but don’t look too long/It takes time to realize that your life’s gonna pass you by.”

“Seasons” finds the lead singer reassuring a close friend that no experience, high or low, lasts forever: “We’re in for nasty weather/And I’ll ride it out with you/We won’t be riding highs and lows/Like tides of ocean blue/We won’t be here forever/Just a moment then we’re through.”

Who Am I” reminds listeners that they are loved by God, even when they don’t feel it.

“Banks,” according to NEEDTOBREATHE, is about the women in their lives whom the band members love and admire: “I wanna hold you close but never hold you back/Just like the banks to the river.”

In a tweet, NEEDTOBREATHE said of its latest album that it is “about our journey toward our true selves. It is about going beyond our own egos and giving our souls the most important seat at the table.”

And, perhaps, that sums it up best. A beautiful work of art, Out of Body closely examines a desperate need for God and the intricacies of family and friendship.

Out of Body also encourages us to reach for hope amidst the hardships of life as we’re taken on a journey that proclaims that healing and wonder are found in the arms of a Savior.

–Reviewed by Kristin Smith | PluggedIn