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International House of Prayer Kansas City worship leader and executive leadership team member Misty Edwards (right) is pictured with worship leader Kevin Prosch. (Metro Voice collage). Photos: Facebook.

New adultery, blackmail allegations concerning IHOPKC worship leaders

New accusations, including blackmail about leadership at the International House of Prayer Kansas City, have surfaced.

Former worship leader Misty Edwards, who denied being an abuse victim of the ministry’s founder Mike Bickle in January, has been accused of engaging in a longstanding affair with fellow worship artist Kevin Prosch, who allegedly blackmailed her for a period in the relationship. Edwards, known for her albums such as “Relentless,” denied the allegations and said she resigned from her staff role at IHOPKC.

The allegations against Edwards came from Brent Steeno, a former staff member at IHOPKC and Bickle’s personal ministry, Friends of the Bridegroom. Steeno said Edwards also was  serving as his supervisor when she told him in December 2021 about the relationship with Prosch, which reportedly began around 2014 before Prosch and his second wife divorced in 2016.

Steeno provided text messages backing up his claim that Edwards confessed to him that she had an ongoing affair with Prosch that began around 2014. He said Edwards told him her relationship with Prosch had become coercive over time after Prosch recorded her revealing a secret relationship with another man that she was “deathly scared” of becoming public. The former IHOPKC employee shared his account of the confession in a timeline he wrote for attorney Boz Tchividjian, who is representing alleged victims of Bickle,

Prosch, who was restored to ministry in 2002 after confessing to adultery in 1999, reportedly confessed to the affair he had with Edwards in a three-way call last October with author and Bible teacher Joel Richardson and Pastor Jose Diaz.Bottom of Form

During this time, Prosch and Edwards were charged together for public intoxication during a traffic stop in 2018. A police report and video of allegedly shows that Prosch and Edwards were charged with driving under the influence and public intoxication, respectively. Prosch, who was shown shirtless and failing sobriety tests, was also charged with failing to stop at a stop sign and speeding.

Edwards, who was alone in the car with Prosch, was shown attempting one sobriety test in which she almost fell into an officer. The police report said she was too inebriated to continue with field tests. She initially told officers, “I’ve been drinking a little, yes,” but later stated that she drank “a lot of wine and a couple vodkas.”  Edwards received a deferred sentence for the charges, a court document shows. Prosch also received a deferred sentence, according to court records, but he also had to complete a DWI education program and paid more than $2,000 in fines and fees.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice




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