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A prisoners receives a bible through Prison Fellowship. Submitted photo.

Ministries team up to triple number of Bibles for prisoners

Prison Fellowship International and Bible League International have distributed more than 550,000 Bibles to prisoners over the past decade, and they plan to triple that number in the next five years.

“Our partnership with Bible League International began with a few thousand Bibles and has grown into a fully-fledged, shared mission to reach the millions in prison with the good news of Jesus Christ.” said Andy Corley, President and CEO of Prison Fellowship. “We are so grateful for their friendship, partnership and commitment. We look forward to expanding our impact together in the years to come.”

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Bible League International is committed to provide new language translations, expanding Prison Fellowship’s ability to pair prisoners with resources that are in their native language. Bibles have been provided in English, Spanish, French, Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili, Portuguese and Chichewa. Over the next five years, Bibles in Ukrainian, Arabic, Tagalog, Cebuano, Romanian, Russian and Bulgarian will also be distributed. Each Bible includes 52 Bible studies targeting needs unique to incarcerated individuals.

“Not only do we have a shared goal to reach 1.6 million prisoners with scripture resources, but there is an actual plan and path to achieve it.” said Jos Snoep, president and CEO of Bible League International. “With PFI’s global presence and unique access to places where many wouldn’t dare to go, plus BLI’s extensive library of scripture resources and translations, the historic nature of this relationship means millions who desperately need it will receive the hope that comes from engaging with God’s word.”

The Prisoner’s Journey from Prison Fellowship is an in-prison evangelism program that transforms the lives of incarcerated individuals, from the inside out, by introducing them to a restorative relationship with Jesus. The program has been proven to increase prisoners’ religious involvement, motivation for identify transformation and growth of virtues, while reducing negative feelings and aggressive behavior.

The course is facilitated through four key phases:

  • Invitation — Prisoners attend a promotional event introducing them to Jesus.
  • The course –Participants meet to learn about who Jesus is and what he wants for them. Graduation — Graduates are honored for completing the course and receive a Bible.
  • Discipleship — graduates are invited to enroll in further discipleship programs.

–Dwight Widaman | MV


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