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News host Harris Faulkner warns about direction the nation is headed

Harris Faulkner, a popular Fox News host and former Kansas City news anchor, believes the United States is in a spiritual war that will shape the future of the nation. During an opening monologue on “Fox News Tonight,” she gave a fiery and impassioned message to her viewers, bemoaning the state of the nation under its weak leadership that has turned America away from God’s grace:

“We are the greatest nation on earth,” Faulkner said on camera.  “Right now, we need to remind some folk that we belong in our divinely given place at the top. We didn’t just stumble here. We are a nation under God. We have shed our might and our grace. And we have been anointed at times in our young nation’s history to fight for, clothe, feed and pray with more people than anyone else on the planet.”

Recent years have seen America stop being that beacon of Christian principles, however, mired in corrupt schemes, promoting radical ideologies that run opposed to God’s will and design and the removal of anything Christian from the public square.

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“We just need a jolt to revive the greatness we are destined for,” she said. “We are still American patriots, and our faith still moves mountains. We’ve been dabbling in some dangerous things of late. Squashing free speech through cancel culture, losing our sovereignty by overrun borders and tolerating a White House dedicated to redefining us and dirtying up the concept of patriotism.”

As apostasy takes hold in America, the warnings from the Bible of what the world would be like are becoming more of a reality each day.

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“There is a realignment of our system of law and order that is hardening already violent criminals and putting enormous power in the hands of the most radical liberals we’ve seen to date,” Faulkner said. “It seems the proverbial hour is midnight. Even a sliver of light is hard to see, but take heart. Do you know what happens at midnight? The new day begins. Just when it may seem we are bending to the will of things that don’t make any sense, at one of our nation’s darkest hours, that’s exactly when our new beginning can be forged.”

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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