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Peace Valley Ministries invite the weary

Kenneth and Vickie Campbell searched for 30 years for a peaceful place on the river. Nothing felt right until Kenneth picked us a local ad sheet and saw an ad for acreage along the river. “This is it,” Vickie remembers Kenneth saying as they walked on the property one cold January day. “What do you see as a future plan for this property?” he asked. After much prayer, Vickie said she would like to build a place for missionaries, evangelists, and other Christian workers to rest awhile. Kenneth was on board immediately and being a builder began work.

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Fast forward a few years and a lot of outside help and donations, what is now Peace Valley Ministries sports more than 1000 ft. of river frontage, a boat ramp, canoes, fishing area, and four units to stay in, which can house 28 people. Each unit has a kitchen, bath, and living area. There is lots of room for tents outside and 2 covered picnic areas. Open all year (depending on weather). There are no set fees, donations are accepted with gratitude. It is a place where people can come to rest and renew their spirit. The property has been anointed and dedicated to God.

In the fall of 2015, while working with his backhoe, the machine turned over and Kenneth was killed due to a head injury. The project was just completed. The vision remains. “I feel like the Lord was saying that Kenneth had done his part, come on home”. In addition to missionaries, ministers and their families; Peace Valley is open to small group retreats, as well as youth and children’s camps. For more information, go to www.peacevalleyministreis.org or call for a tour. For more information, call 573-465-3457 or 573-855-3544. Peace Valley Ministries is a non-profit organization.