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Response over attack on Israel

Israel says the death toll from a terrorist attack on the country stands at over 250. Victims include civilians killed by over 3,000 missiles and entire families dragged from their homes and executed in the streets by Palestinian terrorists From Gaza.

The attack on Israel was launched by Hamas, the terror group that governs the Gaza Strip, and included assaults by the air, land, and sea.

In response to the assault, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the nation was  “at war” and directed Israeli forces to launch Operation Swords of Iron, calling it a “large-scale operation to defend Israeli civilians against the combined attack against Israel by Hamas.”

Israelis described the attacks as their 9/11 in scope. Because of the country’s small size and population, 200 deaths is comparable to if 8,250 were killed in an attack on the United States.  More than 1,452 Israelis have been injured, including 18 in critical condition and 267 severe.

Here are the latest updates on the conflict.

Israeli military officials announced that over 20 communities in Israel’s southern areas had been overrun by the  Hamas military. Residents had only minutes to lock themselves in safe rooms but for those caught outside or unprepared, death and capture soon followed. Reports say that upwards of 100 Israelis, including entire families, were kidnapped and taken through Hamas tunnels into Gaza. The action is the most widescale abductions of Israelis by terrorists in Israel’s 75 year history.

Israeli saccustomed to regular rocket attacks from Palestinians in Gaza, were not prepared for the personal nature of the brutality.

“Terrorists rampaged and broke into homes—massacring civilians,” IDF stated.

Numerous videos have been posted on social media appearing to show armed Hamas operatives abducting people and, in some cases, beating and abusing them.

America ‘Stands With Israel’: Biden

President Joe Biden unconditinoally supported Israel Saturday.

“The United States unequivocally condemns this appalling assault against Israel by Hamas terrorists from Gaza, and I made clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu that we stand ready to offer all appropriate means of support to the Government and people of Israel,” President Biden said.

He issued a warning to “any other party hostile to Israel” that may be looking to take advantage of the situation not to exploit the current chaos.

As of Saturday afternoon, U.S. and other airlines have suspended flights in and out of Israel. Israeli’s have been told to continue sheltering in place as the IDF roots out hundreds of Hamas militants from 23 cities and towns.

Response from Christian organizations has been swift in calling for prayer and support Israel.
The organization, The Faithful Galileans, which encourages prayer, emailed this video earlier today:

Dr. Michel Brown, a national columnist in the U.S., stated:

“Heartbreak. Shock. Agony. Devastation. Confusion. Rage. These are just a few of the emotions flooding the hearts of millions of Israelis in the midst of an unprecedented terrorist attack by Hamas. This is a time to stop and pray for the merciful intervention of God.”

Ethics & Religious Liberty President Brent Leatherwood

“The disturbing scenes on television and social media are horrific,”  he told Baptist Press. “They serve as a stark reminder of all Israel has to endure merely for the right to exist. Condemnation of these deplorable acts by Hamas, targeting civilians and threatening Israel’s sovereignty, should come from all corners of the world. Vulnerable lives are caught up in the midst of this warfare and they need our urgent prayers.”

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews:

Christians United for Israel:

Chris Mitchell with CBN News:

–Dwight Widaman and wire services

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