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‘Right to life’ in Bill of Rights protects the wrong people

The Kansas Court Supreme judges have changed the meaning of an important line in your Bill of Rights. These judges decided that Section One of the Bill of Rights in the Kansas Constitution which guarantees the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” grants the right to live dismemberment abortion.

Joe Patton

Ironically, the same Kansas Supreme Court is now considering whether the right to life, in that same sentence, applies to men convicted of murder. Lawyers for five men convicted of murder were recently ordered by the court to file additional written arguments to consider the legal issue. The lawyers will brief whether the right to life protects convicted murders in a constitutional challenge of capital punishment. Apparently, the right to life, which now does not apply to innocent unborn children, may protect murderers.

In response to the court’s actions, a new grassroots group has started called Save The Babies. You can find the group on Facebook at SaveTheBabies.Life where they explain why this court decision is important, why you should be alarmed, and what you can do about it.

The group’s President, Jackie Taylor, the publisher and editor of the Linn County News contends that the Kansas Legislature should allow the people of Kansas to vote on the issue.  She suggests that the legislature should pass a constitutional amendment resolution. The group started when some concerned citizens, both Democrats and Republicans, were invited to the Mound City Community Center last May. Those attending included State Sen. Caryn Tyson and 2nd District Republican Chair Cheryl Reynolds. Jackie Taylor urged everyone to step up to this challenge saying, “It’s time for action; it’s time to be bold.”

An amendment to our Kansas Constitution will clarify that it is the legislature, the peoples elected representatives, that should make laws about abortion, not unelected court judges.

The amendment would clarify that the legislature can:

  • Stop partial birth abortion,
  • Limit late-term abortion.
  • Stop taxpayer funding of abortion.
  • Regulate the standards of the facilities to protect the health of the mother and child, and
  • Ban live dismemberment abortion.

Some of these judges will be up for retention at the November election of 2020.

Spread the word.

–Joe Patton for Metro Voice News


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