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TBN will broadcast popular series ‘The Chosen’ beginning on Monday

The first season of the acclaimed television series “The Chosen” will be shown on TBN beginning on Monday, February 8, and continuing for eight weeks. For those who do not have cable or satellite, TBN is also broadcast over the air in many cities. Use this channel finder to see if one is on air near you.

chosen tbnThe crowdfunded series has garnered massive audience support, with more than 16,000 people investing more than $10 million to fund the project. Filmmaker Dallas Jenkins created, co-wrote and directed the series. TBN also is broadcasting an original teaching series, “The Chosen Unveiled” with Rabbi Jason Sobel, as a companion program that unpacks the theology behind “The Chosen.”

“We are thrilled to bring this television series to TBN and allow our viewers to experience Jesus in a way that has never been done before,” TBN Chairman Matt Crouch said.

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“The Chosen” is the first-ever multi-season series based on the true stories of the gospels of Jesus Christ and allows viewers to see Jesus through the eyes of those who knew Him. The first season tells the stories of characters in the gospels who encountered Jesus and were changed forever.

As of August 2020, “The Chosen” had been viewed nearly 50 million times in 180 countries and currently is being translated into 70 languages. Season one has earned two Movieguide Award nominations and has a 100 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes from eight reviews and 99 percent from audiences.

The series’ creators said they had hoped to distinguish the new series from previous portrayals of Jesus by crafting a multi-season, episode-based story. The series portrays Jesus through the eyes of those who met him.

The first episode begins in AD 26 in Capernaum, where viewers meet Sanhedrin member and Pharisee Nicodemus touring the region; tax collector Matthew; fishermen brothers Simon and Andrew, demon-possessed Mary Magdalene; and wandering craftsman Jesus. The final two seasons of the planned seven-season show are intended to chronicle his death and resurrection.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice