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hogan baptized
Hulk Hogan Gets Baptized . PHOTO: HULK HOGAN/INSTAGRAM

“Total surrender and dedication to Jesus”: Hulk Hogan gets baptized

Hulk Hogan, who soared to fame as a professional wrestler and later became an actor, has found the purpose of his life at age 70. He recently announced on social media that he had been baptized in a special ceremony at the Indian Rocks Baptist Church in Florida.

“Total surrender and dedication to Jesus is the greatest day of my life,” he posted, along with photos of the baptism. “No worries, no hate, no judgment.. only love!”

Hogan’s wife, Sky Daily Hogan, also took part in the baptism, which involved fully submerging themselves in a large body of water. Video footage shows Hogan and his wife both in white smiling as they are dipped into the water. Hogan also wore his trademark bandanna in white, along with a silver cross necklace for the occasion.

hogan baptized

“God is doing amazing things at Indian Rocks,” the church wrote on its Instagram account.

Hogan was discovered in 1979 by WWE owner Vince McMahon Sr. and had his debut match against Andre the Giant, which he won. In 1984, Hogan was awarded the WWE championship belt for his memorable defeat of the Iron Sheik. He quickly rose to superstardom, and the resulting fan frenzy, nicknamed Hulkamania, became legendary. Hogan’s success during this time bolstered the public’s fascination with professional wrestling. In total, he would become a 12-time world champion; six times with the WWE and another six with the World Championship Wrestling.

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By 1985, Hogan had acquired tremendous popularity among Americans. His image was marketed to sell a multitude of products, and he began to take on leading roles in a number of films. Hogan has spoken publicly about his Christian beliefs in the past.

“I accepted Christ as my savior at 14 years old, and the training, prayers and vitamins kept me in the game,” Hogan posted on X last spring. “But now that I am one with God, the main event theme of surrender, service and love makes me the Real Main Event that can slam any giant of any size through the power of my Lord and Savior and so it is, even now brother, AMEN!”

Tens of millions have seen Hogan baptized on social media.

–Alan Goforth | MV

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