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Trump announces he’s running for presidency

Former President Donald Trump is officially running for president.  The announcement came during an hour-plus speech on Tuesday evening, Nov. 15 from Mar-a-Lago and was covered by most national media.

Trump had been alluding to a 2024 run, dropping new hints since the Nov. 8 midterm elections.

The speech avoided rehashing the 2020 election but, rather, looked forward in addressing issues of concern to Americans. Media outlets, including CNN and CBS, credited Trump for what they said was a much more positive speech than expected, void of personal attacks against his opponents.

Trump focused on what America can become in numerous instances. “America’s comeback starts right now,” Trump said. “In order to make America great and glorious again I am tonight announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.”

Trump described a populist, grass-roots campaign saying it is “our campaign,” referring to Americans disaffected by the Biden adminsitration and the direction of the country. Trump said only his partnership with everyday Americans was “strong enough to defeat the massive corruption we are up against is you—the American people.

“Together we will be taking on the most corrupt forces and entrenched interests imaginable. Our country is in a horrible state. We’re in great trouble.”

The 45th president blamed the Biden administration and Democrats for high inflation, threat of war, and the open southern border.

He outlined a familiar vision for returning the nation to greatness, including record-low inflation,  stronger response to foreign adversaries, dropping transgender-driven policies in local schools and the military and returning power to parents.

“When I’m in the White House our schools will cease pushing critical race theory … and gender insanity. They do that, and they will lose all federal funding,” he said.

“We will not let men, as an example, participate in women’s sports.”

“America’s comeback starts right now,” Trump said. “Two years ago, when I left office, our nation stood ready for its golden age.

“We turned the page on decades of globalist sell-outs and one-sided trade deals, lifted millions out of poverty, and together we built the greatest economy in the history of the world.”

Watch the full speech here:

Trump touted his record with foreign adversaries, saying China, Russia, and North Korea were all in check two years ago. In speaking of nuclear threats, he seemingly referred to Russia’s threats against Europe and the U.S. and the Russian war on Ukraine – the largest war on European soil since World War II.

He also specifically mentioned China’s threats. Trump said he believes the pressure he placed on China spurred the Chinese Communist Party to “play a very active role” in the 2020 election.

“We will launch an all-out campaign to eliminate America’s dependence from China,” the former president promised.

Trump also targeted his likely 2024 opponent, Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden is the face of left-wing failure and Washington corruption,” he said. “For millions of Americans, the past two years under Joe Biden has been a time of pain, hardship, anxiety, and despair.”

Trump’s announcement comes as the Republican Party failed expectations to take back Congress, having lost the Senate. As of Wednesday, the GOP is one vote away from taking back control of the House with a likely margin of five seats when all races are called.

If he returns to the Oval Office. Trump also promised to “defend the family as the center of American life,” as well as parents’ rights in public education.

Trump is expected to face other Republicans who, while agreeing with his policy agenda, believe it’s time to look to the future and hand off leadership to a new generation. Pundits continue to point to newly reelected Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Trump has already lobbed several preemptive attacks at DeSantis, calling him “an average REPUBLICAN governor with great Public Relations.”

Trump has since toned down his attacks against DeSantis after he was criticized by rank and file faithful within the “MAGA” movement.

Republicans, even supporters of Trump, were hesitant to pass judgment on the announcement that he is running, when asked.

“Do you have any policy questions you want to ask me?” Chuck Grassley, who just won reelection responded to TIME magazine. Tim Scott, who just won reelection in South Carolina stated, “I don’t answer questions in the hallway.”

Oklahoma’s Jim Inhofe declined to comment when he was asked if he would support Trump’s run at 2024.  “I’ll support whoever the 2024 nominee is,” he said.

Other Republicans, though, are not shy about their support.

New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, is the highest-ranking Republican to back Trump. “I am proud to endorse Donald J. Trump for President in 2024,” she said in a statement last week. “It is time for Republicans to unite around the most popular Republican in America, who has a proven track record of conservative governance.”

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) said he has no plans to run for president in 2024 but did not throw his support behind Trump, saying the midterms proved the old-guard must move aside. “The Republican Party as we know it is dead,” declared U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley, the Missouri Republican, after his party failed to retake control of the Senate as every incumbent Democrat won reelection.

-Metro Voice and wire services

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