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Kansas City's City Union Mission serves thousands of area individuals and families.

Twelve previously homeless men to graduate from City Union Mission program

On Tuesday, Dec. 7, twelve previously homeless men will participate in a special ceremony as they graduate from City Union Mission.

Supporters of the Mission are invited to attend as these men take their first steps back into independent living as productive members of society. It takes place from 7:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. City Union Mission is a Christian ministry committed to sharing the Gospel and meeting the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of men, women and children who are poor or homeless. They depend on the generous support of the community.

The men will be recognized for completing the requirements of City Union Mission’s 12-month residential Christian Life Program. They have dedicated themselves to recovery from addiction and other destructive challenges and have worked hard to rebuild a stable and Christ-centered life for themselves and their family. After completing this intensive program, they now are equipped with the life skills, Bible discipleship, education, and career and workforce development they need to take their place as stable and independent members of our community.

The ceremony will feature a graduation address from Pastor Troy Campbell, Lead Pastor from New Life City Church, encouraging them to carry on what was learned at the Mission and the importance of keeping God first in their lives. The graduates will share their video testimonies, describing their journey at the Mission and their hopes for the future, and there will also be praise and worship music to celebrate this special time. Each graduate will receive a certificate of completion and a medal from Dr. Terry Megli, Chief Executive Officer at the Mission, to commemorate his accomplishment.

“These men who are graduating have overcome numerous hardships and obstacles to get to where they are today,” Megli said. “We want to recognize their efforts; help reintroduce them into society and provide ongoing love and support as they transition to independent living.”

Friends, family and coworkers along with Mission staff and volunteers will be in attendance to show their support and celebrate this milestone in the graduates’ lives.

“We are called to share the gospel and meet the needs of every man, woman and child in our community who is struggling with poverty or homelessness. Every single person is precious to God, and we believe that no one is beyond redemption. This beautiful ceremony celebrates the miracles that have taken place in the lives of these men,” Megli said.

For more information on City Union Mission’s full range of programs and services, visit cityunionmission.org.

–Lee Hartman | Metro Voice