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AMC not conspiring against “Sound of Freedom,” according to Angel Studios

Recent rumors on Facebook and other social media platforms claim that Kansas City-based AMC is using such tactics as turning off the air conditioning to discourage people from seeing “Sound of Freedom.” These rumors are false, said Brandon Purdie, head of distribution for Angel Studios

“We understand there are rumors, predominantly in social media, that AMC theaters have made it difficult for fans to see `Sound of Freedom” in local AMC theaters, and we want to make it clear these rumors are not accurate,” he said .”AMC has been an outstanding partner for Angel Studios, and in fact, as a result of the movie’s performance and consumer demand, AMC has agreed to add additional screens for `Sound of Freedom.’”

Angel Studios and the film’s producers encourage people to support AMC and other theaters that are showing the movie

caviezel freedom sound indiana jones“Summer is the busiest season for people working in theaters, so we ask that anyone attending a screening of `Sound of Freedom’ show kindness to their local theater staff,” he said. “We have the best movie fans in the business. Let’s continue to show theaters the love that Angel supporters are known for.”

Support from Angel’s theatrical partners has been the backbone of the success of “Sound of Freedom,” Purdie said. AMC has been a key advocate, with the film showing in nearly all AMC theaters, which have sold more than one million tickets. Angel Studios thanked all of its theater partners, including Cinemark, Regal, Marcus Theatres, Harkins Theatres, Cineplex Cinemas, Landmark Cinemas, B&B Theatres, Megaplex Theatres, Malco Theatres. National Association of Theatre Owners. Independent Cinema Alliance and200 additional theater chains in North America.

Sound of Freedom’” is based on the true story of former government agent Tim Ballard, who quit his job to rescue a little girl from sex traffickers in the Colombian jungle. In the process, he ended up saving 123 people, 55 of which were children, from one mission alone.

AMC CEO Adam Aron tweeted, “Sadly, conspiracy theorists are so prevalent in America. So much garbage information is spread,” Aron tweeted in response to the conspiracy theories. “More than ONE MILLION people have watched Sound of Freedom at AMC Theatres. More than at any other theatre chain on the planet. Yet people falsely claim otherwise. It is so bizarre.”

AMC did recently cancel screenings of a documentary that featured former trans individuals who are speaking out about the dangers of transition therapy and surgeries for minors.

–Alan Goforth |  Metro Voice

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