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Barna announces top 10 cities for generous Christians

A new survey finds which cities have the most generous Christians.

The Barna Group, which has been tracking cultural trends related to values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors for 35 years, identified the most-giving markets in the United States, both in terms of nonprofit and church contributions.

When it comes to both church and nonprofit giving, three cities in southeast Idaho — Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Jackson — top the list. In these cities, practicing Christians give an average of $17,977 to nonprofits and $15,601 to churches every year.

For nonprofit giving, Las Vegas ranks second, with Christians in that city giving a yearly average of $10,410 to charity. Victoria, Texas, ranks third, with Christians giving $10,375 annually, followed by Ottumwa and Kirkville, Iowa, ($10,000) and Jonesboro, Ark. ($7,999).

Cities that round out the top 10 most generous when it comes to nonprofit giving are Twin Falls, Idaho ($7,636); North Platte, Neb.($6,764); Lake Charles, La,($6,200); Salisbury, Md. $6,125; and Wheeling and Steubenville, W.Va,, ($5,735).

For church giving, Ottumwa and Kirkville ranks second, with the average Christian tithing $9,600 annually. Victoria again ranks third, with Christians giving an average of $8,984 to churches. Jonesboro came in fourth ($7,999) and Las Vegas ranks fifth ($5,379).

Other cities identified as giving generously to churches include North Platte, Neb., ($5,235); Scottsbluff and Cheyenne, Neb. ($5,000); Wheeling and Steubenville ($4,663); Selma and Montgomery, Ala, ($4,544), and Nashville ($4,433).

A previous study from the Barna Group, which looked at the drivers of Christian generosity, found that regular church attendance has a definite bearing on an individual’s giving goals.

“There is virtually no daylight between those who attended within the past month (44 percent are givers) and those for whom it has been longer than six months (45 percent); only weekly church involvement appears to make a significant difference,” it noted.

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